Bathroom Sink Materials Pros and Cons

Bathroom Sink Materials Pros and Cons

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There will be so many factors that we need to think first when we are about to choose the sink material for our bathroom for the first time.

Not only because is an important part of bathroom, choosing the right material will also make you easier in maintaining the sink.

So here are the pros and cons in choosing bathroom sink materials.

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1. Porcelain

The first and most common material that is used for sink is porcelain. Porcelain is also well known as Vitrouse China or the more familiar is Ceramic. Here are the pros and the cons if you choose to use porcelain.


Porcelain is a kind of material that offers you the lowest level of maintenance, compared with other materials. It’s fair to say that maintaining porcelain is easier than maintaining other kind of materials. More than that, porcelain also has the largest selection compared with other materials.


The only problem you may find in choosing porcelain as your bathroom sink material is most of it has simple design. Talking about the available designs, porcelain can be the material that has only few designs that can be used.

2. Stainless Steel

As we all know, stainless steel comes after porcelain as the bathroom sink materials that is commonly used. Not only for bathroom sink, stainless steel material is also commonly used for other part of house interior like in the living room, porch, and mostly used in kitchen. A good stainless steel contains chromium and resistant to tarnishing and rust.


The main advantage of choosing stainless steel is that this material has the lowest cost than other materials. For a modern look in your bathroom, stainless steel offers you low cost that are worth trying.


The low cost surely gives impact in other aspect, which in this case is the physical look. Although stainless steel can offer you some modern look, this material can scratch or dent. Some types of stainless steel can be scratched easily.

3. Bamboo

Although we often find bamboo as main material for some constructional work, it’s rarely found that bamboo is used for bathroom sink material. In fact, some people like to have bamboo sink in their bathroom. Of course there are some pros and cons of using it in the bathroom.


One thing that is sure of using bamboo is that this material will give your bathroom the touch of eco-friendly theme. Bamboo will also make your bathroom looks rustic and give you the feel of greening.


Of course the pros will lead you to something that you will always need to do with the bamboo; which is high maintenance. Maintaining bamboo doesn’t cost you anything but a little bit complication, since you need to make sure that it’s always clean and dry after use.

Each bathroom sink material surely has its strength and weakness, depends on how you treat it. As long as you treat the sink with the proper ways, you can always overcome all the pros and cons of the material.

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