Pedestal Sink Vanity Cabinet

Pedestal Sink Vanity Cabinet: The Pros and Cons

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If you have pedestal sink vanity cabinet in the bathroom, there will be more than enough for the furniture.

Especially those who have small bathrooms will be grateful for this option. It is also helpful for those who are planning for a remodeling or interior decoration.

Learn more about this fusion furniture before purchasing one.

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THE PROS AND CONS USING Pedestal Sink Vanity Cabinet

1. Pro: Easy To Maintain

Even the cheapest kind of pedestal sink requires only small amount of maintenance. You only need to spray some commercial product and wipe it with clean cloth.

No need to do it every day; once a week or once a month is enough. Another good thing is the sink made from long lasting material.

You could rely on a single pedestal sink for more than ten years, if you use it normally without any contact to chemical product.

Make sure your beauty product doesn’t touch the sink. Even if it does, rinse immediately with water or cleaning product if needed.

2. Pro: More Rooms To Store

Sure thing, your purpose of adding cabinet to the sink is to expand the storage space. Keep all the bathroom supplies inside the vanity: tissue, soap, shampoo, etc.

Don’t forget that you have two sides of the vanity. Take another space to keep bathroom cleaning product: floor cleaner, disinfectant, etc.

Also, you have the surface to line up the cosmetics and beauty product. It would be more convenience to grab them when you need it.

Lucky for you, you could save more standing spaces in the bathroom. It slips under the sink without appearing as bulky furniture.

Cooper pedestal vanity sink

3. Cons: Additional Cost

It is time for you to answer this question: which one do you already have: the sink or the vanity? It would cost more if you have the vanity only.

Pedestal sink cost more than the vanity, especially the new one. If you want to save money, the best option is to go to the thrift shop or garage sale.

However, if one nice sink is already installed on your bathroom, you can customize the vanity. Some commercial products could fit perfectly, but some others require adjustment. The safe way is purchasing old drawer and cut part of it or building it to your size.

4. Cons Less Space To Stand

There must be a reason for you to install either the sink or the vanity only. Probably it is because the bathroom size.

Make sure you consider the possibility if having less space to stand on your feet. If the size is so small, you might end up turning around your body and reaching out with your arms only inside the bathroom.

As far as the vanity is quite slim, it does take space at least inches next to the sink. If you insist to fuse these two pieces of furniture, then you should give up the space next to the sink and rely only to the wings under the sink.

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For those who want to add minimum amount of furniture but maximum number of tools, this great furniture would be a perfect choice. Combining the functionality of pedestal sink and less consuming space of vanity cabinet, this furniture is more than capable to fit your purpose. So what do you think about pedestal sink vanity cabinet?.

White modern vanity for pedestal sink and decoration for bathroom

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