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Different Types of Bathroom Vanity With Makeup Area Ideas

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How many different types of bathroom vanity with makeup area are there? Well, if you include the variety of pattern, color and material, then there will be limitless.

For a currently trending style, bathroom vanity plus the makeup area is quite effective and remarkable.

Therefore, many people need ideas to remodel their bathroom or even planning for their very own style.

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1. Side to Side

The idea about bathroom vanity is being connected to the sink and the mirror. If you already install a sink in the area, try to make the side make up area.

If you have a single sink, then extend the side area and install additional mirror above it. This will be the place to put on the makeup kit.

If you have two separated sinks, connect the space in the middle. Make sure it is sturdy enough to carry the weight of your beauty product. Since you will install additional mirror, you might have to block the sunlight from the window.

2. Exclusive Set

Don’t give up on elegant look while planning for a brand new bathroom vanity setting. You could always slip a practical yet charming element to the list.

For instance, slip a backless chair under the table. Make sure you choose the one without frilly cover or water absorbing material for the seat.

Unless you are ready to clean the chair every week, it is better to choose the one with aluminum legs and vinyl seat. It requires less to no maintenance and the color choices are varied.

For the glass, install it several inches above the sink. Instead of one single mirror, cut it into three sections.

3. Simple Design

Typing the title of your plan in the search engine box, you might able to find the simple one in the online store. It is a set of sink, mirror, vanity and some space for makeup.

You could see that this full set comes with certain color and model. The only thing you need to do is to blend the bathroom wall and furniture.

However, you could not have a chair to sit comfortably. The only option is to do the entire makeup while standing straight.

Even if you put a chair in front of the bathroom vanity, you could not sit properly; you have to put your feet on the side.

4. One Piece

Do you have only small space for the sink? Then this design will solve your problem. Add simple drawer under the sink, big enough for you to store all the cosmetics. Put tiny magnifying mirror on the side wall to allow you applying makeup perfectly.

Still, you have to install mirror on the wall. To make the space bigger, provide small gaps between the mirror and the wall.

Since the available space might be at the corner of the bathroom, you might want to see if you need additional lights. If you do, install it around the wall mirror.

A rush morning doesn’t give you even a minute break to catch a breath. Then, it is better to put on clothes and make up right after you take a shower.

This is when vanity plus make up table hits the spots, a simple idea that could be incorporated to your next remodeling project. Don’t worry. There are some different types of bathroom vanity with makeup area you can mix and match with colors and pattern.

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