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Buying Tips on Bathroom Vanity with Sink on Left Side: Types, Styles, and Materials

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For most people, choosing bathroom vanity with a single sink gives more advantages than dual sink.

However, when you decide to buy a bathroom vanity, you should know some buying tips as well.

You have to consider some aspects including the styles, types, and materials of the bathroom vanity. Here are things you should know.

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The Benefits of Having Bathroom Vanity with Sink on Left Side

Before jumping in the buying tips, it is better to know the benefits of using a single sink of bathroom vanity. The benefits are described as follows.

  1. A bathroom vanity with a single sink that is placed on left side will give more space than the bathroom vanity with double sink. Therefore, you can use the empty space on the right side to place your toiletries.
  2. A single sink bathroom vanity is a small or medium sized, so it will fit well on a small and medium sized bathroom. The look of the a single sink bathroom vanity doesn’t make the bathroom looks full or crowded as well.
  3. If you have a bathroom vanity with left side sink, then it will create different feel and look to your bathroom. For example, your bathroom will look more attractive.

White double vanity with vessel sinks

Bathroom Vanity Buying Tips

Now that you have known the advantages of owning bathroom vanity with a single sink, you should know some buying tips if you decide to buy a new one.

Here are some buying tips you should make as considerations. Check it out.

1. Types of Bathroom Vanity

  • Open Space

If you want to create an a relaxing airy feeling in the bathroom, then you should consider this open space type. This type features visible storage space with no drawers or door panels.

  • Floating

This type is more common in contemporary and modern designs. The floating bathroom vanity is wall-mounted vanity.

  • Free Standing

This is the type of bathroom vanity that becomes the most common type of vanity. The term “free-standing” means that the vanity is seated on the floor and it is attached to the wall via screws.

2. Style of Bathroom Vanity

  • Antique

If you decide to buy antique bathroom vanity, it means that the vanity is much more decorative and elaborate. The vanity has rustic look of the past meaning that it features ornate accents that are elegance and opulence.

  • Modern

The modern bathroom vanity is designed by the trends. The vanity usually has minimalist sensibilities with bold, simplistic, and sharp lines. The idea is about to keep the design simple but well functioned.

  • Transitional

If you are fond of something hybrid, then you can pick the transitional bathroom vanity. This style is for those who don’t like too old-fashioned and for antique vanity and too plain for modern vanity.

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3. Materials of Bathroom Vanity

Like it or not, you have to consider the material of bathroom vanity as well. Choosing the right material for your bathroom vanity is important decision you should make because it will lead to the biggest problems of bathroom vanity, which are humidity and moisture.

There are two common materials you can pick, solid wood or rubber wood. However, you may pick other materials according to your likeness.

For those who own a bathroom vanity with a single sink on the left side will surely take some advantages including the function and the atmosphere given by the vanity. However, for those who want to buy a new bathroom vanity with a single sink should have known its benefits and some buying tips to select the right one.

Solid wood bathroom vanity with sink

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