Quartz Bathroom Vanity Tops With Sink
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Tips To Choose Quartz Bathroom Vanity Tops With Sink

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When you tell the staff that you are going to purchase a quartz vanity, he will lead you to stacks of samples or bring you a thick book filled with various model and colors.

Next, you must choose the edges for the vanity. Purchasing without any basic knowledge will be a nightmare, right?

Learn the most important criteria of  a quartz vanity to help you choose.

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Point the Color, Pattern, And Texture

Quartz has more color, pattern and texture than granite. While granite colors rely on natural process, quartz belongs to manufacturers.

One of the most popular manufacturer in America for example, aims to create a quartz that has beautiful stain of granite. The others try to copy the beauty of natural stone on their quartz.

For the pattern, it varies from the marble, fine sand, chuck stone, etc. You could even see some with organized pattern resembling flowers.

As for the texture, you have three options to choose: matte, polished, and rugged. Each of them could deliver overflowing charm as long as you coordinate the interior well.

Determine Its Thickness

The available thickness available in the market is half, three quarter, and one and a quarter inches. Out of these option, you should choose either the three quarter or one and a quarter.

Both are the ideal thickness for bathroom. However, one is obviously better than another.

Now you can ignore any words about cheaper price for the three quarter inches quartz. Well, it does have lower price, but the installation cost the same.

In fact, it could be more expensive because the staffs should do complicated edge layering to make it look thicker. Thus, it is better to go with one hand a quarter thickness from the beginning.

Decide the Edging

Are you ready for the detail part? You cannot miss how you want the edges to look like. There are approximately ten edges options.

Consider about your comfort, the family member, and the cleaning. Probably you could learn something from these three most popular edges style.

1. Beveled Edge

You will see a 45 degree cut on one of its corner. It has sharp edges, but quite helpful for cleaning process. If the water spill on the counter top, it will drip to the floor. Not recommended to families with children.

2. Bullnose Edge

It works with almost all color and pattern. There is no sharp edges, and its shape make cleaning process goes faster and easier. Water will run under the table instead of trickling to the floor. Great and safe edge for families with children.

3. Demi Bullnose

If you prefer the combination of trickling spillage and comfortable elbow pad, then choose demi bullnose. It has sharp edge on the bottom and rounded edge on the top. You can pair it with any quartz style.

Observe the Pairing

Before finishing the final design, take a closer look at the other complements such as the faucet, the storage and the sink. See if you could have a range of styles to combine.

The most popular material for the faucet is metal, but some people are fond of copper, too. As for the faucet, normally it takes stone material with plain color.

Great things about quartz are its undeniable quality, variation of colors, and textures. However, these points might give you a hard time if you are not prepared with certain picture in your mind. Spend your time to consider the points above and make some options. Then, you will finish your quartz vanity shopping in no time.

Quartz bathroom countertops with sink
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