Bathroom Vanity with Single Sink

Bathroom Vanity with Single Sink

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Many people think that a bathroom vanity with only single sink is less attractive than one with double sinks for a house bathroom.

This isn’t true. Single sink vanity is just as functional and as attractive as the double one.

If you have small bathroom and consider adding single sink vanity, learn from the update below for more ideas.

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Pros and Cons of Using Bathroom Vanity with Single Sink

Before you are remodeling your bathroom with the addition of bathroom vanity, you must consider about the advantages and disadvantages of using the single sink on its counter top.

Here is the following list of advantages by using it in your bathroom.

1. Leave room for other amenities

By using single sink, you can use a small bathroom vanity. It allows you to enjoy the function while being efficient in using the space as well. Therefore, you can place a tub and separate shower instead for example.

2. More storage

You can store more items underneath if there is only had one sewer as you have more storage space in your vanity cabinet.

3. More counter space

If you touch up your makeup often, this concept will help you to place anything you need in its counter top. It will also increase the room for your everyday toiletries.

4. Cost and cleaning

It will be cheaper than using double sinks. Besides, cleaning one sink is easier than cleaning two.

Bathroom vanity tops with single sink

Nevertheless, using bathroom vanity with one sink also has disadvantage. The most noticeable aspect is the lack of personal space. You have to take turns using the sink; cannot be used simultaneously.

Determine the Design of the Bathroom Vanity and Sink

If you are sure of your choice to use a single sink, the next step is to determine the design that suits your bathroom. You can determine the design based on the area of your bathroom (narrow or large), the remaining space, to the desired purpose and goals.

Pedestal or scaled-down vanity is the right choice if you have a narrow bathroom in your house. The design is simple and it doesn’t take too much space. In addition to it, the cabinet below is still enough to accommodate your need on storage in the bathroom.

However, if you have a spacious bathroom and intend to fill in the empty space there, elongated vanity model can be the perfect choice for you. Its long shape will provide more than enough storage space in the cabinet. Moreover, using one sink will provide more counter space. You can put some more items there while using it.

In sum, a bathroom vanity with only one sink can be very beneficial. It allows you to use narrow space or spare some more space for other amenities. It also provides you with more storage space with only one sink is needed to get accommodated. Even though it forces you to take turns in using it, it can be very attractive in your bathroom interior. Work on the design and calculate your space carefully, and you will not regret your decision.

Bathroom vanity white single sink

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