Bathroom Vanity with Copper Sink

101 Guidance about Bathroom Vanity with Copper Sink

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Copper material has been a jewel since the first time it was invented. Its rustic appearance could turn into even more beautiful piece of art.

Some people take the changing color as a sign of low quality product.

In fact, the phenomenon makes copper stand in different level from the other metallic material.

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What Are The Available Designs?

Even though copper is dominated with color only, people still love it for its classic design. When some of your old relatives show you their copper sink, you cannot help but agree that the sink is timeless.

It could fit into any time line without being dull. In fact, two designs are already enough for the market.

1. Mexican Style

The first style emphasizes the shapes and skips all the frilly decoration. The most popular shapes are cast, hand hammered and engraved.

2. Artisan Art

Copper is identical with ancient empire. If you love the idea, then the artisan style is made only for you. It adds charming painting inside the sink that will not be off from your guests’ sight.

Custom Design

The final product of this design relies on your hand. Since the copper seed is easy to mold, you could literally turn it into anything you want. You could even make it by hand!

Antique bathroom vanity with copper sink

What Is Patina?

When you are dealing with another metal material, you need to be cautious of the corrosion. For copper, there is no need to worry. It has natural defense called patina.

It works like a coat that will shield the copper layer and change the color. The thickness of patina depends on how the copper interact with the humidity and temperature of the room.

How to Maintain It?

If you already understand how patina works, a copper sink actually requires no maintenance at all. Paying daily hygiene and monthly care would be enough.

In the end of the day when you have stopped all activity using sink, mix warm water and mild liquid soap. Dab sponge or soft cloth on the solution and start cleaning the copper.

Look at all the edges and curves. Make sure you reach all leftover food. Then, rinse with clean tap water. Take another dry cloth to wipe the copper.

Since copper sink is quite sensitive to mineral contact, you need to apply a thin layer of wax monthly. This routine is a must for the areas with “hard water” or water that contains high concentration of minerals. The other areas with normal mineral level could also occasionally apply wax to the copper sink.

What Should Be Avoided?

Nervous owners tend to purchase many metal polisher liquids and frantically spray them to the copper sink. This action will damage the natural patina process.

Keep the sink away from any strong cleaners and chlorine beach. Copper has its own anti-bacterial agent, so you could use the hygiene product for the other furniture.

Even tooth paste, leftover food and pots could change the natural copper color. Remember to put the cleaning spots or cloth in separated box, away from the sink. The pool of water under will affect the sink.

Copper is the only metal that has built in defense against corrosion. As the result, you don’t need to put extra effort to clean this sink type.

All you need to do is to spread mild soap and wipe it with sponge or soft cloth. Believe it or not, no commercial product would make copper sink better.

Rustic bathroom vanity with copper sink

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