Bathroom Vanity Mirrors Ideas

10 Most Popular Bathroom Vanity Mirrors Ideas

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Bathroom is the second personal space after bedroom. No wonder, most people always try their best to decorate the bathroom, either by redecorating or renovating it.

Luckily, you could get drastic look only by changing the mirror style. This focal point of the bathroom could refresh the whole atmosphere with its fancy look.


1. Minimalist Twins

Keep things clean and minimalistic but elegant and classy with double mirror. Grab two identical size mirrors and paint the edges with black color.

Hang them above the sink, just a few inches above the faucet. It works best with plain or brick background.

2. Wood Frame

Bring a little bit of nature inside your house. It doesn’t have to be a pot of plant, but a wood framed mirror.

Leaving the frame unfinished will highlight its natural look. Remember not to choose the oversize one for small sink: it will over power the bathroom.

3. Fancy Round Mirror

If you want to give contemporary look, find one round mirror with thin wood frame. The frame is narrow on the top and getting wider on the bottom.

The space on the bottom could be functioned as personal item’s storage. Arrange the lamp to hang right on top of the mirror for blazing effect.

4. Arch Model

It is okay to add a touch of luxury to a simple bathroom. The arch model will create accent to the bathroom with it curves and edges.

Try to coordinate the color with the wall. If you have marbling floor tile, then you need a glossy paint to paint the mirror frame.

5. Venetian Style

Mirror belongs to wall decoration, which should also serve the art purpose. Made mostly by metallic material, there is nothing more enchanting than the unique pattern on its round frame.

On the top of the mirror, you can see the leaf-like crown, polishing its elegance.

6. Glitwood Mirror

Now you can be the emperor in your own house; at least in the bathroom. Try to hang the glitwood mirror above your sink.

See how the glistening color and carved pattern amazed you. This type of mirror is suitable for those who love vintage concept.

7. French Mirror

Another choice for antique style is the French mirror. It has golden frame and look like a pillar. You will love how it hangs on the wall and gives off the enchanting vibe.

8. American Tramp Frame

If you rely heavily to the mirror as the only decoration in the bathroom, then grab the American tramp frame and nail it on your wall. It has three lines on the edges and twist in the middle.

9. Silver Leaf

White colored wall fits well with almost all colors, no exception for the silver leaf framed mirror. Instead of nailing the mirror to the wall, you could hang the mirror with rustic chain from the ceiling. It will entice the new look.

10. Art Mirror

You want something classic and artistic in one mirror? Don’t worry about it, you have your wish covered. A round mirror with a crown like decoration starting from half to above will be perfect.

Allow yourself to relax with a refreshing bath and get energized when you look at yourself in the mirror. A plain reflector will not help much: probably it is time to redecorate. Pick something fun and exciting from the list and see how it could brighten your day. Start your decorating plan carefully, but start from the most important first: mirror.

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