Bathroom Vanity With Glass Top

Reasons to Choose Bathroom Vanity With Glass Top

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When you say you are going to purchase a bathroom vanity, you already find a lot of choices.

Among them, glass top vanity recently gains the attention in the market.

Why don’t you learn more about the popular products? It might be just the perfect item you need for the bathroom.


1. Tempered Vs Laminated Glass

There are two types of glass that commonly used as a part of furniture: tempered and laminated. Each of them is made through different process, thus presenting material with different quality and purpose.

It will explain why most manufacturers prefer to use laminated glass then the tempered one.

Tempered glass is obviously stronger, approximately five to ten times than the standard glass. It could hold more weight on the surface and not easily scratched.

The outer layer gets compression, while the middle layer is being tensed. As the result, tempered glass will break into sandy crumb than sharp pieces.

On the other side, laminated glass has two glass pressed into one. Even if the glass break, it will not scatter into pointy pieces.

The glass will stay together in the frame instead, assuring you and your family’s safety. If a thief try to remove this glass from your door, he will make a lot of noises and wake you up.

White bathroom vanity with glass top

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2. Why People Love It

Glass is generally known as the fragile item. For this reason only, people turn their head when seeing a glass top vanity. Fortunately, the one made for bathroom purpose has more advantages you might not know yet:

  • Sturdy

Manufacturers have produced a tempered glass that will not break easily. Unless you give worst treatment, no need to worry about broken glass.

If the member of the house is mostly adult, then glass top would be the best choice you can make.

  • Glamorous

There are a lot of eye catching colors and pattern you can choose for a glass top: semi opaque, transparent, high gloss, leather-like, etc.

You could also find classic and soft color on the display. Pick the one that coordinates well with your bathroom interior.

As the manufacturing technology develops, the appearance is sometimes better than a tile. Surprisingly, some items are almost as similar as the natural stone or granite.

  • Quality

There are five best materials for vanity top counter: tile, laminated glass, solid, granite and quartz top. In the list, glass is entitled as the good to better material, having an upper hand than tile.

  • Easy Maintenance

When you ask about cleaning, there is no better material than laminated glass. Even when you leave the water or lotion spill on it, a spray of cleaning product will be enough to wipe the stain.

Dust and debris cannot stick on its surface, either. In short, this item requires very low maintenance compared to the other materials.

Nowadays many people pick glass top for their bathroom vanity. Besides from the quality, its price and maintenance add some good points of this product.

In addition, one variation of colors and patterns should fit into your taste. If the mentioned facts could meet your criteria, there is no need to resist the quality of glass top, right?

Black bathroom vanity with glass top

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