Bathroom Vanities with Granite Tops

Bathroom Vanities with Granite Tops Maintenance

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Look at your new granite top vanities! Your bathroom has new shining jewel. Without doubt, you want the stone vanity to sparkle as long as possible.

There are several things you have to know about the way to maintain the luxurious vanity. It is not difficult, but you have to do it regularly.


Regular Maintenance

The frequency to clean your granite top actually depends on how often you use it. For bathroom, most people will use it every day. Therefore, you are going to invest some minutes each day to clean the vanity top.

  • Daily Routine

Dip a sponge in a hot water to remove any dust and spill. After that, you can spray the commercial product especially made for stone. Wipe once again with clean cloth.

  • Weekly Cleaning

It is time to a little bit thorough cleaning. Move all the items on your bathroom vanity. Wipe the surface from any debris or crumb. Peek into all corners to make sure you have no dust or stain left.

  • Monthly Care

In the end of every month, you are going to grab the stone polisher liquid and spread it on the bathroom vanity. This product helps to pull out the shine out of the stone. However, you cannot expect it to fix any kind of damage on the stone.

  • Yearly Check

In the end of the year, you have to check the seal. It is good to be able to predict when you are going to change the seal. Pour water on the surface. If there is any part that turn into darker color, it means the seal on that part is torn.

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Granite Care Tips

Any first time owner will have tons of worries about the maintenance of the granite tops. Some of them end up damaging instead of caring the stone. Learn some tricks that nurture the stone.

  • Cleaning Cloth

It is recommended to use sponge or soft cloth to clean the granite tops. Avoid using any sharp materials such as steel sponge to wipe the bathroom vanity. It will tear the seal.

  • Cleaning Product

Stone is sensitive to strong chemical solution such as lemon, ammonia, and vinegar. Therefore, you should not use anything with bleaching material.

Dish soap is not good either. It will dull the color of your granite. The best choice is to pick the stone cleaning product.

  • Putting a Layer

If you plan to put anything with sharp edges on top of your vanity, then you should lay a coaster on the granite. Then you can place the item on the coaster. It will prevent any scratch on the seal.

  • Keeping It Clear

The bathroom vanity is a great place to store things. Those who don’t have much time in the morning usually put cologne, lotion, and hair products on the top. This habit may damage the granite, because the personal care items are tend to spill without you noticing.

Maintain your granite vanity to have a long lasting shine. As the first step, make sure that you seal the stone to prevent the stone from absorbing any water or moisture. Continue the steps by cleaning the granite tops vanity daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. If you have any concern, run your finger on the tips list to find the answer.

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