Bathroom Vanities with Tops Clearance

How to Clean Bathroom Vanities with Tops Clearance

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When it comes to cleaning, there will be no significant differences of cleaning bathroom with or bathroom vanities without tops clearance.

The main goal of doing the cleaning is to make it look clean again surely and also to maintain your vanity.

However, cleaning a vanity requires some important steps that you need to do properly.

So here are the some guides to clean your vanity.


1. Use Proper Cleaning Products

The first thing that you need to do is looking for the cleaning products that are suitable with the material of your vanity. The most common materials that are usually used are ceramic tile, culture marble or stone products like granite.

Choose a cleaning product that is surely safe for your vanity surface. Read the details of the product to find what kind of surface they are safety to.

2. Remove All the Stuff on the Top

After finding the right cleaning product, it’s to do the main step. But first, you need to clean the top vanity from all your stuff and put it inside the drawers to ease you when you need to store them back.

Before applying the product, remove all the dust or surface dirt, including hair, on the top of vanity to make the product works effectively. Use any sponge or dry rag to make it cleaner.

3. Apply the Cleaning Product

If the top of the vanity is totally clear from anything, then it’s time to apply the cleaning product. Help yourself by using any soft cloth to wipe every inch of your vanity.

Make sure you are doing the process by following the directions on the product label to avoid you from damaging the surface.

Open the door of your bathroom or turn on the ventilating if you feel that the odor of the cleaning product is too strong for you.

4. Rinsing and Drying Process

After waiting for some minutes from the wiping process, it’s time to rinse then dry the vanity. Make sure that you wait for enough time before continuing to this step.

Since this is going to be different with the previous step, you need to prepare at least three soft cloths during this step.

One cloth is used in the previous step, one cloth is used for the rinsing and one cloth is used for the drying process. Make sure that you use three different cloths for each process.

5. Replace Your Stuff

The last and maybe the simplest step is replacing your stuff back to where it used to be. Although it looks simple, you need to make sure that all of your stuff is still complete.

That’s why you are suggested to use drawers as the temporary place of your stuff while you are cleaning the top side of your vanity. It will make you easier in rearranging the placement of your stuff.

The key point of cleaning your bathroom vanity is the cleaning product. It will better if you do some research first before you buy one. A right cleaning product will help your bathroom vanity last long.

Bathroom vanities with tops and sinks

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