Bathroom Vanities without Tops

How to Make Your Own Bathroom Vanities without Tops

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Making all of your households by yourself is always a pleasure. So does in making your own bathroom vanity without tops.

Since you are the designer of your vanity, you will have the freedom in deciding the material, size or the design. In case you have never made one.

Here try some steps below to make you easier in executing the project.


1. Setting Up

The concept of making your own vanity doesn’t mean you have to start it from zero since you still need to buy one from the store.

Once you choose your vanity, you can contemplate whether you are going to repaint the vanity or just go with the available color.

After contemplating the color, it’s recommended for you to add some smooth top on your vanity in case it doesn’t have one, to ease you for the cleaning. Then after that you can look deal with the seating and make it as comfortable as possible.

2. Adding the Necessities

When it comes to the necessities, the first thing that you’ll have to do first in this kind of project is choosing what kind of mirror that you are going to use.

It’s always suggested to choose a mirror with a sturdy and thick frame that will match with your vanity or the color of your bathroom wall.

Then if you are sure with the mirror you choose, hang it properly, which is at the same level of your eyes while you are sitting down to get the proper view. Make it even perfect by adding small lamps near the mirror to help you with the lighting.

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Design idea for custom bathroom vanities without tops

3. Organizing the Space

If you are done with the mirror, it means you’ll go for the half rest of the project, which is organizing the detail space on your vanity.

It will take totally different steps for men and women in organizing the space since women have more stuff to be organized. The point of organizing the space is arranging the placement of your toiletries or other stuff on the vanity, so that you can always find the thing that you are looking for immediately.

Place the stuff that you mostly used on the top of your vanity while you can place the rest inside the drawers to maximize the rooms of your vanity.

4. Decorating the Vanity

Finally, the last and probably your favorite step is decorating your vanity. When it comes to décor, you can always put anything you want or anything that is relatable to you on the vanity.

The aim of decorating the vanity is to make it look more interesting or feel fresher based on your taste. For example, you can add some flowers for the sake of freshness or put some candles to give some ambience.

It’s always a pleasure to create or design the place that you use to take a bath every day. By creating it by yourself, it’s hoped that you will get more positive energy and produce some god things because of your own creation.

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