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How to Make Your Own Retractable Porch Shades

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No one wants to sit outside when the sun glares at noon, therefore people tend to install a porch shade in order to protect them from the scorching sunlight.

However, the typical retractable porch awnings are expensive and unpleasing.

If you are quite handy with tools and furniture-making, then you can try to make your own retractable porch awning.


1. Things You Need to Prepare

Here are some things and tools you need to prepare first before you jump to make the retractable awning:

  1. 4 eye screws
  2. Cable
  3. Canvas sheet(s)
  4. Shower curtain rings
  5. Scissors
Pergola retractable outdoor shades

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2. How to Make It

After you are finished preparing the tools needed to build the porch shade, then you can follow these instructions below.

  1. First thing first, you should decide which rectangular or square you would like to be shaded. The two corners under the eaves should be against the house. The other two corners, if possible, should make use of existing house structures, such as fence posts. However, if there is no structure available, you can dig two holes with 2 feet deep and stick a post in each holes.
  2. After that, screw the eye screws right into the four corners. Make sure that the size of the eyes should fit with the cable to get through.
  3. Then, run the cable through all the eyes of the screws. Securely tie the cable together at any one of the screws, then cut off any cable excess. Be sure that the cables are taut enough to hold the canvas sheet.
  4. Measure the width and length of the cable, then multiply those numbers to get the area. It is done in order to know how long the canvas that covers the area. Canvas will likely sag, therefore you should make some extra yards from the material.
  5. Choose the canvas sheet you would like to use. Moreover, you can also choose some patterns to join in together in a patchwork.
  6. Then, the canvas sheets should be attached to one another. Then run a ring for the shower curtain through one of the provided holes in that sheet and a proximal hole in another one. The entire sheets must be connected by the entire three rings, one in the middle, one in the corner, and one in the other corner.
  7. Make holes along the entire three edges of the canvas surface, the sides that extend away from the house and the edge against the house.
  8. Put shower curtain rings through the holes in the edges of the canvas, then attach them. The first attachment is into the length of cable along the house and the other one to the cables that extend away from the house.
  9. Finally, fold the canvas against the house. Then, unfurl it by pulling the canvas away from the house.

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In conclusion, it is quite simple to make your own retractable porch awning or shades.

By making one by your own, you can save money from affording a porch shade that is expensive and unpleasing. So, what are you waiting for? Go make one for yourself.

Contemporary patio design with retractable outdoor shade screen

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