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Tips for Maintaining Quality Outside Porch Sun Shades

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It is known that quality porch sun shades are designed using good manufacturing and excellent materials.

However they still need to be maintained regularly. Regular maintenance will ensure the sun shades work and functions well.

In order to do the proper maintenance, check out these following tips for maintaining your sun shades.


1. Install Porch Sun Shade Properly

Sun shades come in different sizes as well as different ways to install them properly. When you buy a new sun shade, it is provided with a manual so you can install it on your own.

However, there is a reason why professional sun shade should be hired which is to ensure that your sun shade is installed securely and properly.

2. Clean Regularly

Sun shades can get dirty over time because of many things, such as bird droppings and wet leaves. Therefore, whenever you see these things, make sure to remove them immediately because the longer the dirt stay on the sun shade’s surface, the faster the stains will seep into the threads and fabric.

This tips goes the same for mildew and moulds. Be sure to clean the sun shades with low to medium pressure water from the hose.

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3. Always Avoid Strong Detergents

When you find out stains that are harder to remove, then you may need to use detergents. However, make sure to avoid using strong detergents that have harsh chemicals like halogens or sulphur.

Also, you should avoid using chlorine treated water. Instead, you should use mild dish-washing liquid as it is good to remove dirt and stains without causing damage to the fabric.

4. Check for Damaged Fabric

It is good to always check the fabric for signs of weak patches or spots. These patches refers to specific part of the sun shade that is starting to wear out and can become big tears or holes.

Therefore, when you spot these patches, it is advised to contact your supplier so they can help fixing the problem.

5. Keep Away from Fire

Please take a note that sun shades are not fire-resistant. Therefore, it is advised to keep away grills or outdoor stoves from your sun shades.

When having barbeques, it is better to do it away from the sun shade. Sparks from the grills will not only bore holes into the shade, but the smoke can cause soot on the fabric as well.

6. Take it Down

It is known that a sun shade can withstand the heat of the sun, however even if it can protect you from gentle rains, the sun shade is designed to hold of strong rain and winds. Therefore, when strong rain, winds, or storm is approaching, make sure to take your sun shade down.

Quality porch sun shades surely need regular maintenance in order to keep its best functions and the appeal as well. Doing a regular maintenance means you enhance the live of your sun shade. Be sure to follow these tips for maintaining your own sun shades.

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