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Front Door Awning Kit and Design Ideas

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The first impression can be made from the front door. You can choose the best front door to maximize your home appearance.

It is begun with choosing the right kit and design for it.

Here are the popular design ideas for your front door.

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Contemporary Ideas

If you like contemporary design, you can try to install the front door awning which reflects its sense.

  1. DC Metro home

The contemporary door is made of bricks. It combines the glass front door and the single front door. It gives a glimpse view of indoor design.

The canopy made by a hand-hammered copper which will give a dramatic effect. Hang it above the door and use it as an awning.

  1. San Diego Home

You can make a contemporary touch by combining a wood front door and a single front door. Give the door a metal frame; it will emphasize its wood interior. Do not forget to install an opaque glass canopy above it for the awning.

Cooper front door awning design with brick wall

Minimalist and Modern Ideas

Living in the busy and modern society will give you a rush hour. Therefore, this design is highly recommended for you. It can give you a relaxing nuance in the middle of your hectic schedule.

  1. Seattle Residence

Just try this concept and maximize the power of colors. Apply a bright color like orange or yellow in your front door and combine it with the natural wood sliding.

The main point in this design is the combination of warm colors of the woods and the bright colors of the door. It is able to create a trendy entry and to give cedar light while it addresses well in maximizing its function.

  1. San Francisco Ideas

You can create modern sense by applying this design. Install a glass front door and a single front door. Add side lights and a privacy glass awning to separate the door for the top window. It is a simple awning to apply yet it can provide a cover for your door with an ecstatic look.

  1. Two Door Ideas

If you want a wide opening, you can apply this style. Install two-story front door made of glass. Combine it with the steel deck awning which is able to cover the front door. The awning will look awesome with the wide opening.

  1. Nashville Style

This design gives you a simple yet stylish vibe. Apply a single front door and combine it with the timber canopy as the awning. You can use stainless steel and install lamps in the door sides to make the design more alive.

Contemporary front door awnings metal design ideas

Traditional and Classic Design

If you like the traditional vibe, you can apply the French cottage ideas. You can use metal roof to apply as an entrance.

Combine the entrance with a mahogany front door. Do not forget to use the beveled glass in the awning. It will look amazing.

So, there are actually many kinds of kits for awning available today. The key of an enchanting front door and entrance will be on how you select the kits and awning.

Make sure to involve your building style and atmosphere in consideration to make it a valuable addition to your property. Happy designing!.

French cottage front door awning design

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