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How to Make a Porch Swing Covers Replacement

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Swing covers are needed to hide you from the sunshine and give the swing a glance of attractiveness.

It is a good option to prepare the season change or simply to repair the damaged covers. Don’t worry because you can do the replacement by yourself.

Follow these steps to give best replacement for your porch swing covers.

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Find a Porch Swing Covers

You can actually buy ready-to-use cover. Choose the replacement covers which fit the swing model. Browse the serial number of previous covers and look for a replacement.

If you can’t find the item, you can purchase a large covers. It is good idea as long as it can be tied around the top frame of the swing.

Porch swing cushion covers

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Make You Own Cover

A new canopy can also made by yourself. You need a few materials to make it. Prepare tape measure, woven fabric, scissors, loop tape and a hook, liquid adhesive, sewing supplies and waterproof tablecloth. You can make a cover or canopy simply by using an extra fabric or tablecloth.

1. Measure and Prepare the Swing

First, remove the old porch cover. Measure the size (length and width) of the porch using a tape measure.  Do not forget to add 6 inches length.

Use the waterproof tablecloth which matches the size. Find the tablecloth with the same nuance with the swing. You can simply choose the similar colors for the porch and the swing.

Porch swing cover size

2. Arrange the Equipment

Choose a flat surface to lay the tablecloth and cotton material. Make sure they have the same length and give extra two inches length to fasten the two materials.

Use liquid adhesive to the one section of the tablecloth. Coating the two materials with adhesive and press it. Place the flat item above the fabric. It can keep them smooth and flat. Secure them and wait until it gets dry.

3. Attach the New Cover

Lay the new covers once the adhesive dries. Fasten it into the top frame of the swing. Fold the extra length of the cover under the swing frame bar. You can use marker. It will be easier to design it underside the canopy.

Apply the hook and loop tape using the liquid adhesive on the outer point of the material. You can also use needle to sew the fabrics to the bar. Repeat these steps for the side and back frame. If you like overhang concept, just leave it overhang.

4. Use and Secure the Tarp

Choose a suitable tarp for the swing. The suitable tarp will make the swing looks amazing. Lay the tarp over the new canopy. Secure the tarp by using the zip ties, and curve it around the bar. Fold the extra tarp under the canopy and choose the third bar to secure it.

Outdoor porch swing cover replacement

Replacing the porch swing cover is a fun thing to do. You just need to prepare and follow the simple instruction. Do it meticulously to have a new porch covers which suits your swing. Never forget to consider how you want your swing looks like. It should affect how you choose the cover or how you make it. Good luck.

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