Plug In Chandelier on the Porch

Plug In Chandelier on the Porch: What to Consider

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The very idea of plug in chandelier is brilliant because it delivers the vintage and elegant style you want, but we don’t have to go wild on candles.

Instead, we use electricity like on other lighting options we have. It is practical.

If you want to use this kind of lighting on your porch, you need to consider specific things. Read along.


1. The Function It Can Deliver

Setting up a plug in chandelier on your porch should add the area the main lighting function. As it is ceiling mounted, it can practically give enough brightness to a few radius of area.

Of course, if you want more elaborated look, you will need other lighting like task lighting, flood lighting, ambient or background lighting and many others.

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Being the main lighting, your plug in chandelier needs to be selected by considering so many aspects from area width to options of the light bulbs. It affects on how well this lighting pays the duty.

2. How Many Set Do We Need?

This is an important question. As mentioned before, it covers enough brightness only for specific width of area, depending on the chandelier diameter and light bulbs. When you shop for the chandelier, you need check on the illumination radius.

Bigger chandelier diameter and stronger bulbs will promise brighter service for the area. A wide porch will need multiple, and warm shaded porch will need stronger bulbs.

It is recommended to use LED for real bright light with warm touch. It won’t hurt the eyes while the energy saving technology won’t hurt your expense.

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3. Installation Wise

Installing this plug in chandelier is actually similar to installing other lighting options. First, we need to consider about the power source. Do we need multiple chandeliers? If yes, we may also need multiple switches.

Second, make sure we know the exact distance between two chandeliers if we install more than one. It defines the brightness of the room and wire setting to keep things well, safe, and tidy. For real neat installation, we may need to hire a pro if we are novice on this thing.

Third, we need to choose the best position. Being the main lighting and ceiling mounted, the plug in chandelier is best set up right in the middle of the covered area. Make sure to make precise measurement to reach the right point to install the chandelier before.

Fourth, don’t forget to check if your ceiling is sturdy enough to handle one or more chandeliers to hang on it. Porch is often built casually and the ceiling may not be as strong as expected.

4. What Style Fits Best

Choosing the right style can be a little difficult. For the style alone we have so many options including crystal, drop, mini, multi tiers, lantern, orb, single tier, candle style, drum, contemporary, traditional, transitional, rustic, and country cottage.

Make sure to include your house style, interior decoration, and targeted look to choose the right style. It helps a lot in making the right selection and to narrow down the options.

Using a plug in chandelier on a porch is a brilliant idea but it can be a disaster if you don’t know how and what to choose and set up. Use the guide above to help you with your plan.

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