Porch or Patio Covers Awning Canopies

All About Porch or Patio Covers Awning Canopies

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Every homeowner should have thought about decorating their porch and patio, but they seem to have no idea to what goes on top.

Choosing the best patio covers should be done carefully because you have to know the types of patio covers you choose and other aspects.

So, just sit back and read the following explanation.

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Types of Patio Covers

There are many types of patio covers out there, but here are two most common types of patio covers you may want to consider buying.

1. Aluminum Awnings

If you want to provide shade, then aluminum awnings are the perfect patio cover that will do the job. This aluminum awning is relatively inexpensive and efficient.

It has good durability to withstand outdoor circumstances as well as protecting you from outdoor elements. Therefore, this type of patio cover offers a comfortable refuge.

Moreover, aluminum awnings can last for years and it requires only a little maintenance. The appearance of this patio cover is also attractive, so it should enhance your home curb appeal.

2. Alumawood Pergolas

Pergolas are another type of patio cover that is common for every homeowner. It is because pergolas provide elegance and elegance to any landscape.

Commonly, this pergolas patio cover is made from wood, so that the maintenance should be done in regular schedule to keep it in good condition.

However, nowadays, you can have the combination of aluminum and wooden type of patio cover, called as alumawood pergolas. This type of patio cover will not crack, rot, or warp as it is made from aluminum as well.

Alumawood Pergolas porch cover

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Helpful Tips about Patio Covers

Furthermore, there are additional tips for you who want to purchase and purchase a patio cover. Here are helpful tips you need to know.

1. Where to Build Patio Cover?

The answer is simple. A patio cover needs to be built right off the house in an area that needs to be protected from rain or sun. Most homeowners choose to cover their back door, so the patio cover is used as an extension of their living space.

2. The Size of the Patio Cover

For the matter of size, the patio cover is dependent on the size of the area you want to shade. If you build a patio cover under important furniture, just make sure that there are enough spaces for people to walk around the furniture.

3. Should it be a Solid Roof or Open Patio Cover?

For a quick explanation, an open patio cover will allow light to filter through creating shaded area. A solid patio cover, however, will block rain, snow, and all light. Learn about these two kinds of patio covers and suit it with your need.

4. Where to Buy?

The best place to purchase patio covers is the patio covers’ showroom itself. From there, you can choose different types, sizes, materials of patio covers.

However, as patio covers don’t usually come in cheap prices, then you need to learn about the quality to determine the best patio cover for your home.


It can be concluded that whatever types of patio covers are that it depends on the homeowner’s choice. Therefore, if you need a durable patio cover, you should go with aluminum awnings and if you prefer appearance instead of performance, then alumawood pergolas is the perfect choice. Should you get confused, you can always refer to the tips mentioned related to patio covers.

Patio Covers Awnings Canopies

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