DIY Patio Covers Kit and Plans Ideas

6 DIY Patio Covers Kit and Plans Ideas for Ultimate Looking Patio

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Every homeowner who wants to spend their time decorating and re-designing their patio covers should have had hard times finding the best patio covers kit and plans ideas.

Fear not, these six DIY patio covers ideas will cover up your inspirations to craft more attractive and decorative patio covers.

Here is the list of some patio covers ideas for you.

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1. Give a Try to Floating Screens

Since you want to craft your own patio cover, then you need to save some amount of money by making this idea called as Floating Screens.

The patio cover is made from bamboo panel that appears to float in midair. The panel will let dappled sunlight pass through the area below. Sounds like amazing idea, right?

2. String Along Should Do the Trick

Should you need to spend the money to buy an affordable patio cover material, then this idea called String Along will do the trick to make portable patio cover. What you need to do is to purchase two couple of curtains and wires.

Then, thread the wire through the grommets of curtains. Rig the wire to a pulley system to bring the portable patio cover to actually work.

3. Gorgeous Slim Shady Slats

If you have an outdoor BBQ area around your patio, then making patio cover around it should be a great idea. Just try this Slim Shady Slats idea and you will turn your patio into a gorgeous place to stay in.

The design for this patio cover is like swooping structure shades, besides it is made from slim slats of woods. The idea includes three pendant lights as well to beautify the environment.

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4. This Lovely Lattice Light is actually lovely

Lattice patio cover is made from wooden materials as well. If you are looking for more immersion than a sun blocker, then what you need to do is to craft this lovely lattice light patio cover.

The name of the patio cover describes when light shines through the panels, so that your patio will look beautiful than before.

5. Simple and Decorative Partial Pergola

Pergola White patio cover ideas

Those who want simple and minimalistic should try this Partial Pergola. The materials used for this patio cover design are mostly made of woods.

You will just need to break out of the box by forgetting the traditional square-shaped structure, so that you can make a partial patio cover.

This patio cover idea will give total immersion to your patio, but remember that it will not shade you from sunlight.

6. Create Canvas Patio Cover

Canvas patio cover ideas

Alternatively, you can use canvas as the material to craft your own patio cover. Use the canvas for the patio that is partially covered, so you don’t have to create the whole framework for its foundation.

In order to make it beautiful, what you need to do is creating some spaces between a piece of fabric to another. Then, add some lights to illuminate the surrounding at night.

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Decorating your patio with your own crafted patio covers should make different atmosphere instead of purchasing patio covers from stores. However, in order to make DIY patio covers, you will need to work hard and creatively, so that your work really gives changes that you really want.

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