Most Popular Wooden Porch Covers Design and Materials

Most Popular Porch Covers Design and Materials

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When it comes to design the porch cover, what it comes in mind is about the popular porch cover designs the people usually use.

Well, if you are looking for the most popular designs of porch covers alongside with the materials, then you may want take a look at the list below.



1. Wood Porch Covers

The first most popular porch covers is Wood Porch Covers. As described, wooden material is still very famous among homeowners because it is very durable, meaning that the material is consistent especially on the outside of home.

Besides, it is suggested that if the home is made from cedar, then it is a wise choice to purchase structures from cedar as well. Moreover, the wooden material comes in many designs, sizes, prices, and shapes as well as having little impact on the environment.


The beauty of its appeal is what the first positive aspect of wood patio covers. Besides, it comes in a complete selection of textures, types, and colors. All of which are really perfect to give a finished and attractive look to your home.


As it is gorgeous on its appearance, the price is fairly expensive. Woods needs frequent repainting and sanding to extend the life of wood patio covers.

Wooden patio covers design

2. Aluminum Porch Covers

Aluminum material is the second most popular porch covers material. The material can be purchased in many different color, styles, and sizes for fairly inexpensive price.

Besides, it is easy to assemble and install as well. Moreover, the material is resistant and durable to outdoor conditions.


The durability is the first positive thing about this patio covers. Other than that, aluminum is less expensive than wood porch covers. Moreover, it gives fair protection from the outdoor elements without compromising comfort.


Metal is not very resistant to heat, which means that the patio covers made of regular aluminum panels will give you uncomfortable feeling when you are standing beneath them.

Aluminum patio covers materials

3. Vinyl Porch Covers

This is the third most wanted patio porch material, which is vinyl material. This material is easy to assemble and the installation kits are designated to last longer like the metal products, besides this vinyl products are less expensive to purchase. Even, some vinyl kits often have some guarantee to give back the money if you are not satisfied with the structure.

Vinyl patio covers orange county


If you ever want to own porch covers that don’t need to be repainted and sanded every few years, then you should go with vinyl. It has more durability than woods as it’s less likely to crack, peel, or root.


For homeowners that aim for the appearance, then you cannot compare vinyl with woods porch covers because it actually looks inexpensive. Vinyl can fade over time as well and most of them come in a limited number of colors.

As you can see from the three porch covers, they have their own specifications, strength, and weakness. If you are not fond of expensive thing, then you should go with either the aluminum or vinyl. But if the financial allows, then go to the woods.

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  1. Correct me if I’m wrong here, but I believe you are conflating porches and patios when they are completely different. Many, if not most of the pictures illustrated here where the word “porch” is used are actually photos of patios. A porch is *typically* located at the front of the house, where a patio is *typically* located at the rear of the home, or in the back yard. They’re both similar, but completely different. Like apples and oranges.
    My comment is not intended to be mean in any way, I’m just trying to put an end to the conflation of these two words and many, many, others that I see quite often,

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