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6 Awesome Front Porch Lights Ideas You Should Try

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Decorating front porch with decorative and DIY front porch should be fun things to do.

Therefore, every homeowner must agree that these six awesome ideas of front lights will give more decorative, attractive, and unique environment on the front porch.

What are they? Check out the list below.

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1. Make Lantern with Tin Cans

If you have several empty tin cans, do not throw them away. Instead, turn those empty tin cans into beautiful tin cans lantern. What you need to do is gathering some empty tin cans, and then makes lots of holes on them.

Do not forget to spray them with paint or just leave them plain. Then, fill the tin cans with candle or light bulb and hang them in front of your porch.

Lantern with Tin Cans

2. Have Glowing Orbs to Illuminate the Front Porch

If you have a porch with a small garden in it, then you should try this idea to make glowing orbs to illuminate the front porch and of course making your porch looks more attractive and beautiful.

Bring together some old Christmas lights and thrift store globe shades. Stuff the Christmas lights inside the globe shades, and then plug them in with an outdoor-rated extension cord.

Glowing orb lighting front porch

3. Torch from Wine Bottle? Why Not?

Instead of having your front porch being illuminated with some light bulbs, you can actually make some torches from wine bottles. Just bring together a few supplies from a hardware store and some recycled wine bottles. Open flames will create amazing ambience and keep bugs away.

Torch from Wine Bottle

4. Try These Illuminated Paper Bags

Do you want to create lighting sources for your front porch in a creative way? Then, this illuminated paper bags will do the trick. What you need to do is to prepare some unused lunch paper bags, and then make some patterned small holes on each side of the paper bags. Fill the paper bags with a heaping cup of sand and set a medium-sized candle inside. Then, light the candles up!.

Illuminated Paper Bags lighting

5. Hang These Doilies and Candles on Your Front Porch

Another way to decorate your front porch is to hang some doilies and candles. This idea will surely make your front porch looks more attractive and romantic as well. Just gather some clean glass jars and a lace doily. Spray the doily with adhesive and place it onto the glass jar. Wrap the rim with twine or ribbon. Do not forget to set up a tea light and lit it up.

Doilies and Candles Lighting

6. Make the Front Porch Colorful with Full Color Glass Jar Lantern

Create a kaleidoscope of color around your front porch with full color glass jar lantern. All you need to do is to cut colored tissue paper into different small shapes, then attach them onto a glass jar. Stuff the candle into the glass jar and lit it up. Then, just sit back and enjoy the marvelous colorful ambience of your front porch!.

Full Color Glass Jar Lantern for porch lighting

There are many ways you can do in order to make your front porch looks more attractive, decorative, and even romantic. Therefore, trying those ideas above will totally change the look of your front porch ambience at night. Just give a try to one of these ideas of front porch lights and enjoy the change of your front porch.

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