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Simple Tips to Build DIY Wood Porch Swing Frame Plans

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Plants and natural stones usually dominate the decoration in the backyard. What about a swing? Just like how fun it is to make the planting plants, you can try your lumber skill by making it by yourself.

Take wood as the basic material (Read also Types of porch swing), as it is one of the easiest and safest items to work with. Prevent any errors by learning the simple trick.


1. Ensure Enough Space

Usually this problem won’t be noticed until you have done half of the process. The empty space for the swing is not enough for swaying back and forth.

It only accommodates the swing to stand still. Even though this kind of mistake is normal for any first-timer, restarting the process from the beginning is not favored at all.

So, before starting the building project, make sure the space is at least 6 feet or more from any fixed exteriors.

To make it easier, mark the measured territory with a stake and string. Take a few steps back and run the demonstration in your mind. When you already set the position, begin the process.

2. Choose Ground Level

In the end, you want to install the swing on the ground. Could you imagine how awkward it is when the swing is bouncing?

Stay away from this possibility by setting the swing on a level ground. Invest several minutes to check the level and dig reinforcement holes.

If you got nothing but a sloping area, cover it with concrete. Later on, the swing’s legs will be buried with cement to the concrete.

The area for a great swing is ideally placed below the shades of a tree. Remember, all day exposure to sunlight may burn the iron or wooden seating.

Porch swing frame brackets


3. Store The Parts Separately

When you buy a full set of swing to assembly or even cutting boards to build the swing yourself, you must have realized that this simple entertaining item has a lot of parts.

To make sure you will not lost them in the middle of the process, you will need a lot of boxes to store them. Put the boards for frame in a box and the boards for the seat in another box.

It also applies for the screws. This tiny item could make you go crazy if lost. Therefore, it is better to put them inside a labeled small container, sorted by the size. Lastly, read the instruction carefully and assemble your very own swing!

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4. Divide The Jobs

Every DIY instruction will say that the steps provided are the simplest and easiest one. While it is part of the truth, you cannot deny that there are tons of simple instruction. Doing it by yourself will take at least two days, without any rest! Getting a hand would be better.

While building the swing, put one person in command. This person should be able to read the instructions well and prepare the materials needed.

The rest of the team will do the cutting and assembling. By dividing the jobs, you would be able to finish the job within a day.

A swing in a chilly afternoon would be the best place for you to have a “me time”. But before you could actually sway on the swing, invest your time to build one by your own.

During the process, you don’t need special skills of a lumber. Having experience with cutting and following the tips above would be enough. Now grab your materials and start working on the project!.

Porch swing frame plans

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