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How to Choose Bathroom Vanity Cabinets For Small Spaces

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Having small space is bad enough, but a proper pair of vanity could make things a lot better. It is going to be a challenging project for you.

Don’t be panic; as long as you know how to pick the best vanity for a limited space bathroom, you are good to go.

Basically, you have two best options to meet the requirement of limited space bathroom. They are cabinet and wall vanity.

One could guarantee spaces to store items, and the other help you to clear up some spaces in the bathroom. Each also comes with various advantages and types that worth to learn.


1. Cabinet Vanity

This is probably the most common style you will see in the store. Some people dislike its bulky and space consuming appearance.

However, cabinet vanity takes space just as much as it could give. Those who pick this vanity should note the measurement of the available space carefully.

It would be even better if you could custom made your own cabinet according to your style and need.

A cabinet vanity is originally manufactured for small living place like apartment. Therefore, you might not find it difficult to get the one that suit your bathroom.

The drawers above the sink provides more space for you to store things like personal care and cleaning product. There are some variations of cabinet vanity in the market.

  • Simple Model

This one really lives as its name. The shape resemble old iron table. It has sink on the top, a single drawer under the sink, and empty space with single board as the bottom.

  • Open Side

This design is on the contemporary side. It usually has ceramic top, and one big drawer with several levels. On the other side, there are several open shelves. It helps you to grab anything without opening the drawer.

  • Sink and Board

You could have this peculiar design if you love the idea. A simple sink is paired with simple towel hanger and slender board to put dry towels and bathing needs.

Contemporary bathroom vanity cabinets only with mirror

2. Wall Vanity

Just like how you read the name, this vanity is closely attached on the wall. You will have extra space under this vanity. Many people love this design because of its modern look.

Moreover, the designers recommend it for airy bathroom. Believe it or not, wall vanity doesn’t not back off too far from pedestal or console sink.

Some types of wall vanity has no drawer under the sink. It simply consists of faucet and sink. Some others are still being generous by providing shelves to keep your things safe.

Recently, several manufacturers develop the standard design into something more interesting.

  • Side Facing Faucet

How to look fancy without removing the basic need of faucet? Install a simple sink on the wall with side facing faucet. It could be used to wash hand only. Under the sink, you will find simple two doors cabinet to keep the hand wash and towel.

  • Clear Sink

Taking clear concept is not a bad idea. Try the transparent sink with simple faucet, towel hanger and wing board to put on soap and cologne. It will seem like you take no space for the sink.

How do you know that the vanity you have chosen is a good value? See how it fits the available space without being overwhelming. You have plenty of spaces to store things and to move around. The above tricks could help you. What you need to do is to give it a try.

Small bathroom vanity cabinet 24 inch

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