How tall are bathroom vanity

How Tall are Bathroom Vanity?

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Bathroom vanity is one of the most important parts on modern bathroom. It offers space to keep things necessary in the bathroom from toiletries to towels.

It also provides a station for you to do some routines from brushing your teeth to grooming. With base cabinet, we often keep medicine and other important things too in there.

But what is the right height for the vanity? It actually depends on personal preference, but here is a little guide on it.

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Size of bathroom vanity

1. The Standard Height of Bathroom Vanity

The standard height is 32”. Usually, bathroom vanities are found in the range of 30”-36” of height.

However, modern bathroom vanities are getting taller now and it is known as Comfort Height Vanities standard.

2. Standard Height of Bathroom Vanity – 32”

If you have a taller bathroom vanity in your bathroom, it may be hard for the children to reach the vanity. This height idea does exist after the baby booming era where many children should share bathroom with their parents.

Due to this condition, the height of the vanity was lowered so that the children were able to reach it. It becomes the standard height for the bathroom vanity cabinets nowadays.

However, it is still possible to have higher bathroom vanity if you prefer for it.

3. Comfort Height of Bathroom Vanity – 36”

Nowadays, bathroom vanity cabinets apply the comfort height rather than the standard height. Comfort height is taller than the standard.

This particular height is designed to reduce the pain caused by bending over only to wash up. This bathroom vanity height is more suitable for the empty-nest home for single adults and parents.

4. The Height of Vessel Sink Bathroom Vanity – 30”

Generally, bathroom vanity is going to be lowered to accommodate the extra height of a vessel sink. Typically, vessel sinks will add 5-6” to the vanity countertop’s height.

So, before choosing the right height of the bathroom vanity, you should consider the height of vessel sink.

However, if you are not going to put the sink on the top of the vanity cabinets, you should not have to consider it.


5. The Proper Size Bathroom Vanity for You

After all, the size of the bathroom vanity, either the height or the width, depends on your living circumstances and your own preference.

If you have children, it is better to have the standard height of the bathroom vanity because it eases your children in using the bathroom vanity.

However, you may need to lower yourself when washing up because of the height.

Meanwhile, if you have your own bathroom, you may have the comfort height of the bathroom vanity cabinets because it will put you on ease while using the bathroom vanity.

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So, we actually can find standard measurement for bathroom vanity height. However, it can be customized if we prefer to. If you try to decide for your bathroom vanity, considering factors like children, your height, and how you want it to be will be influential. Choose bathroom vanity height that fits you best.

Bathroom vanities size standard

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