Cottage Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Cottage Bathroom Lighting Ideas

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Cottage bathroom always looks great, original and homey. The options for lighting should be original and homey as well.

If you need some ideas to enhance the look while providing enough light as well in the bathroom, the following list will amuse you. Check this out.


1. Edison Bulb

Nothing is like Edison bulb to match a cottage bathroom. Both have the same used look and rustic finish.

If this light has to do with the bathroom, it is to provide fine lighting while it completed the decor as well. Use wooden base if your want to hang it from the ceiling.

Edison bulb string lighting

2. Pendant Lights

Pendant light makes a great option as well. It has simple and original design, which is a perfect match for the bathroom. Finish the cape with any color suitable for the room for more consistent look.

In alternative to standard light bulbs, you should try using LED for ultimate brightness and energy saving option.

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3. Coastal Lanterns

This is also an iconic choice for cottage bathroom. Coastal lanterns commonly use wooden filters and it is already very decorative as it is. You can use several small ones in the entire bathroom or you can use one with big size as the main lighting option.

4. Traditional Sconces

It seems like the vintage touch is consistent between them. It emphasizes the decor while it also makes perfect area lighting as well.

Of course, this can’t be your main lighting source if it is small enough. Use some more on several space in the bathroom for sufficient lighting.

5. Mini Chandelier

We don’t really need the glamorous and elegant one. Instead, let’s use a small vintage chandelier with rustic finish on it.

It gives the right amount of sophistication in your bathroom while it improves the bathroom look. Put it over the vanity or use it as the main lighting option.

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6. Sea Glass Fixture

This is a perfect lighting option if your cottage is a coastal one. This light makes sure your bathroom get enough lighting from a single light while the sea glass offers elaborated look. This is a valuable decor for your bathroom at the same time.

Sea glass pendant fixtures

7. Candle Holders

Candle holder is a romantic and perfect choice as well. It offers country feeling while it also makes a decorative item in the room.

You can use several couples on several areas of the bathroom. For the best lighting result, you can replace the candles with candle-looking LED.

8. Standing Light

Standing light will be great as well. To make consistent look, make sure to use one with rustic finish. It offers enough light while it fills the empty space in a nice way as well. You can use one with huge blowing cape for more elaborated look.

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Those lights make great options. They offer good lighting while they also make decorative addition in the bathroom as well. In alternative to real cottage bathroom, you can consider adding them on your cottage-looking bathroom at home. So, which one do you like best?

Beach cottage bathroom vanity lighting ideas

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