DIY Contemporary Bathroom Lighting Ideas

DIY Contemporary Bathroom Lighting Ideas

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In this modern society, we thrive to keep up with the trends. This makes what’s ‘in’ became ridiculously pricey, so does bathroom lighting.

But don’t get discouraged! With some effort and patience, we can forge our way without wasting as much money to the aesthetic bathroom.

Here’s ideas you can try:


1. ‘Frosted Glass’ Lampshade

Got mason jars lying around? You can whip it up to a chic lampshade. Paint the jar with the mixture of white glue and food coloring and let it dry to get that frosted look (If you want to make it like normal frosted jar, you don’t need the food coloring).

Don’t forget to drill the top to make sure the cable can go through and install the lamp. Close the lid and hang it near your mirror. It will be pretty and give your bathroom more colors.

Frosted Glass Lampshade

2. Plastic Spoon Chandelier

Some of you or your friends might order a lot of take outs. Don’t throw the spoons! They still could service you, and that’s for this DIY! Cut the spoons, what you want is the part you shove to your mouth.

After gathering a significant amount of them, get an unused plastic bottle or mini gallon. Glue the spoon heads starting from the bottom and keep their position similar to fish scales until the whole thing covered.

Don’t forget to cut the bottom of your bottle or gallon first, though. It would be easier to install the bulb. After you’re done gluing, install the lamp and put them up.

Plastic Spoon Chandelier

3. Tetra Box Lamp

Want some amazing lightning illusion in your bathroom. Easy, just gather used cartons from your milks or pizza take outs. Cut them to 10 cm strips and fold them to triangular.

After folding all of them, glue them together to make hexagons or tetragons and arrange them together to make a ball – leaving the top a room for the lamp to get it.

When the glue sets, hang it to your bulb or exchange it with a lampshade from a light stand and enjoy the illusions of light and shadow in your bathroom!

Tetra Box Lamp for bathroom

4. Plastic Bottle Bottoms Curtain

See the bottom of plastic bottles you see day by day? The shapes might look strange, but in this DIY that shape benefits.

Cut them and attach them together with plastic strings to a long strip (it’s okay to make it short, adjust the length to your needs).

After making a few, get a thick wire and make a circle – this will serve as the frame. Tie your strips to form a curtain and hang them as one to your ceiling bulb. You’ll get that falling chandelier look.

Plastic Bottle Bottoms Curtain Lighting

Who says trashes will remain waste? With this DIY you can proof them wrong, adding the benefits of happy wallet. Plus, they’re a great protector for your lamp in case you had big splash while bathing.

Just make sure your lamp had enough space from your DIYs so it wouldn’t burn it and pay attention to the installments. Happy crafting!

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