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Simply Elegant Bathroom Lighting Design Tips

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Bathrooms are usually given in the least option of all rooms in people’s house.

Some people don’t like to invest some money here, and they prefer to decorate their living room, kitchen, or bedroom.

It is better to give proper lighting to your bathroom because it is the first place that you go when you are awake.

There are several things that you need to consider before you decorate your bathroom. Here are the tips that can inspire you:

1. Use Day Lighting

Natural lighting for bathroom

Natural daylight is amazingly beautiful and it can boost your mood because it can show the true color of your face, clothes, or makeup.

Giving the natural light in your bathroom is a nice idea and it can make your bathroom healthier by receiving the direct sunlight.

Add flowers or plants as decorations

Moreover, you can put some flowers or other plants close to the window, it can give natural statement that can make you relax and calm.

Besides, if you have enough space, you can choose semi-lighting by using large window covered by a bright curtain to make it more elegant.

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2. Flank the Bathroom Mirror with Lights

The bathroom needs to be modified as creative as possible to increase your mood when you want to begin your day.

Right now, there are several designs that can make your day, but do not put the light above your mirror because it can create shadows and lines across your face when you are putting on makeup or shaving.

It is better to put some lights, maybe on the right and left side of your mirror to give the better results on your detailed tasks. Besides, it can give an elegant statement in your bathroom.

Modern bathroom mirrors with led lights
Modern bathroom mirrors with led lights

3. Overall Bath Lighting

Many people like the luxurious feelings from chandeliers or fixtures. It can bring romantic atmosphere in your bathroom. It is better to put the fixtures at least 7 feet from above the level of high water and 3 feet from the tub.

Put those fixtures with a dimmer to make it automatically switch. You need to pay attention on the color rendering index to make your light more effectively.

4. Lighting at the Tub

Put the light above your tub can give you relax and comfortable feeling. You can choose the attractive hanging light, such as like some bubbles or flowers. You can also put your tub under a skylight to give the romantic feeling. This bathroom design can make you feel comfortable to take a bath at day or night.

5. Light in the Shower

Bathroom shower ceiling lights

It is a great option for those who do not like to take a shower at night. Putting a light close to your shower, but you need to make sure the safety of this design.

You can use cans in your shower to make it safe and decent the light. Besides, you can also use acrylic surface or glass for your comfortable bathroom.

Those are the information that can inspire you before decorate your bathroom. Make your bathroom brighter to enlighten your day.


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