How to Decorate Guest Bedroom On Your Own

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You have got it right if you consider the need for how to decorate a guest bedroom is as important as decorating your main bedroom.

Just like other bedrooms, guest bedroom has to be as comfortable as other bedroom. It requires the right concept design and the most attractive decorations for the best result.

With various decoration ideas to choose, it should not be a difficult job to do.


1. Make Comfortable and Cozy

The main thing to remember is to make the bedroom comfortable and cozy so your guest will feel like they are in their own house while sleeping over at your place.

2. Decor Ideas with Flowers

The easiest decoration to do is to add a bunch of flowers and put it in the vase. In this case, fresh flowers are your best choices. Creating an arrangement consisting of fresh flowers should not be a difficult chore.

Even if you have never done such thing before, you can certainly do it perfectly in your first time. If you already have beautiful flowers blooming in your garden simply pick it up and easily plop it in the vase.

Of various flowers to choose, tulips make an excellent natural choice. It’s because tulips are available all year round.

3. Use Sheets, Duvet, and Pillows for Decoration

To make sure your guest has a great night’s sleep, add 100% cotton sheets and a thick duvet. Do not forget to add fluffy pillows.

Be creative in choosing the right sheet pattern. For instance, you can choose the simple patterned sheet to be added and combine it with fluffy pillows with neutral colors.

Somehow, neutral colors like grey, white and pastel colors represent soothing colors to calm down the atmosphere.

As a result, your guest will feel at ease and peaceful sleeping in your guest bedroom. This is certainly what you want.

How to decorate guest bedroom ON BUDGET

4. Guest Bedroom Decor with Books or Magazines

Everyone loves to read and so does your guest. Therefore, books can be considered as your guest bedroom decorations. Yes, the books do not only beautify your bedroom, but also make your guest have something to read in their spare time.

Stock the bedside tables with your book collections and the latest magazines for quick reading. Your guests will definitely appreciate the literature you have prepared after a long and tiring day.

5. Add a Clock for perfect decoration

Remember to add a clock in your guest bedroom. The clock may seem to be a minor decoration yet it is very crucial. The clock lets your guest to stay on the clock so they will not miss any planned activities. Even a small clock placed on top of the bedside table is a thing that they will fully appreciate. It shows how much you care about them.

However, make sure to choose the clock with the quietest ticking noise. You certainly do not want to make your guest waking up all night just because the clock is too noisy, right? Consider to choose clock with alarm setting in case your guests need it.

6. Towel and Blanket for guest bedroom

Another functional decoration to make your guests feel comfortable staying in your guest bedroom is stash of clean towel and blanket. This is actually a very important item, especially if your guests forget to bring their own towel.

7. Guest Bedroom Decor Farmhouse Style

This farmhouse style decoration is very popular. Your guests will fell happy and comfortable in your home. It produces positive energy for you too.

The decoration is quite simple and of course you can do yourself.


Now that you have several good ideas on how to decorate a guest bedroom, it will not be too long for you to complete the decoration project.

Small guest bedroom decorating ideas
Small guest bedroom decorating ideas, image:

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