Amazing Farmhouse Bedroom Décor Ideas

Amazing Farmhouse Bedroom Décor Ideas

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It is true that farmhouse style has become one of the most inviting and the sweetest decoration as its traditionalism always makes any room super comfortable.

Are you interested in learning how to make such bedroom? Let’s check this out.


1. Rustic Style

One thing that you need to remember when decorating the bedroom on the farmhouse style is to keep maintaining the rustic decoration.

One thing to do is to choose the color scheme that you love. You can go for pastel and calm, or, you can do the opposite, that is cheerful and bright.

Shabby chic and rustic furniture will become your décor base; you can also give some additional industrial decorations or pieces. The combination of both styles will never look bad.

In order to create the unique rustic look to your bedroom, you can also rough yet natural wood or woven furniture or items. If you want to create such French farmhouse bedroom style, you can decorate the bedroom with some refined light textiles and vintage furniture.

Unlike many other interior trends, going for something on the country aesthetic can never be out of fashion. The eclectic combination and the cozy textures of the furniture as well as the traditional accents are all merged into one to create a personal space which is comfy and timelessly stylist.

Rustic farmhouse master bedroom decor ideas

The country bedrooms are more on how to create personal comfort by giving little touches to mark its ownership like adding some decorations or items like old wooden window frame mirror, heirloom coverlet, a vase from an old milk jug and many more.

Whether you are looking for some ideas to give additional touch of rustic style to your bedroom, or if you are ready to turn your bedroom into such an old-fashioned yet comfortable retreat, you can find some inspirations from these beautiful farmhouse bedroom ideas. You can implement and experiment any ideas presented below to see which suits best for your distinctive styles.

2. Farmhouse bedroom decorating ideas

To create such decoration for your bedroom, you don’t need to literally live on the farm just to obtain the farmhouse style. You also don’t need to live in the rural areas either. What you can easily do is just to embrace the casual sense, nod to custom and basic country vibe which characterizes this easy, warm, and welcoming decorating style. Below are several ideas to decorate your bedroom with farmhouse style.

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3. The mix of old and new items in the farmhouse bedroom

If you are going for such modern farmhouse style, you can combine both modern and traditional styles into your bedroom. You can use some found objects, old-time memorabilia, or antiques as the decoration. These are the popular way of decorating the farmhouse bedroom. If you happen to have some vintage straw hats, you can hang them above your bedroom headboard to create some charm to your bedroom.

Farmhouse bedroom decor ideas old and new combination

4. Shiplap Walls

The shiplap walls are considered to be the hallmark of the farmhouse decoration. These walls are frequently painted in white, but sometimes they are also painted in soft hues or pale grayish-green. You can choose the wood-clad walls to give some additional warm touch which somehow feels nostalgic. You can use the real wood as your wall panel. However, if you are unable to use the real wood, you can always go for the shiplap design wallpapers.

Painted shiplap farmhouse bedroom walls

5. Bedroom with Fireplace

If you already have such a fireplace inside your bedroom, you are already reaching halfway to the rustic farmhouse bedroom style that you want. If you don’t have one inside you bedroom, you may want to create one. You can install the faux fireplace which seems to be like a real fireplace, but it doesn’t require any wood or chimney and it also doesn’t produce any ashes or flames.

Farmhouse bedroom fireplace

6. DIY Headboard

The repurposed items and the rustic wood are generally the common decoration for the farmhouse style. To create your own style, you can try making your own headboard from old boards instead of using the traditional headboard. You can line and stick some old boards on the wall to replace your traditional headboard.

While for the footboard, you can make use of some vintage metal furrow to replace the regular footboard. You can put some pillow or blanket inside the furrow as to make it such a cozy footboard.

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7. Repurposing Items in the Farmhouse Bedroom

One way that you can do when creating the farmhouse bedroom style is you need to repurpose, recycle and make use of the old stuff or items in your house. For example, if you happen to have some old shutters, you can make use of them as your bedroom headboard.

Or, if you want to go further, you can decorate your bedroom wall with the old shutters. The wonderful old shuttered walls will definitely give more whimsy yet eye-catching decoration to your farmhouse bedroom style.

Farmhouse bedroom decor ideas with repurposing items

8. Quilts and Farmhouse Bedroom

Farmhouse decorating style and quilts always good to be together just like the jelly and peanut butter. You can find such vintage quilt at the antique shop, in the specialty shop, or even online. Or, you can also buy some new quilts which look like old. For the décor, you can lay the quilt over the bedspread to make a hallmark for the farmhouse decorating style.

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9. White and Yellow in the Farmhouse Bedroom

If you haven’t known yet, the buttery yellow becomes the classic farmhouse shade. This color is as cheery as the sunshine, yet welcoming and warm just like a country hug after the long day. The buttery yellow always goes well with other colors. You can paint your bedroom walls with this shade to set off the soft color theme for the farmhouse style.

White and yellow farmhouse bedroom decor ideas

Those are some interesting décor ideas if you want to create such a rustic yet vintage farmhouse style for your bedroom. The farmhouse is always associated with old and rustic decorating items. So, if you have some old stuff around your house, you can use them to give this farmhouse touch to your bedroom.

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