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Bedroom Decorating Tips on a Budget

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The bedroom is the place where you start and end your day. You have a certain time when you spend it in this room every day.

That’s why you have to decorate your bedroom as comfortable as possible. You have to make sure that you don’t put too much things inside because it can decrease the oxygen inside your lovely room.

Besides, you have to choose the furniture that can represent your character. Nowadays, you can modify your room using low budget as well. Here are the tips for you.

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1. Shabby Chic Dreams

Shabby Chic decoration is popular among the societies now. This accent is decorated by using some classic flowers with the soft colors, such as soft pink, soft blue, soft green, soft yellow, etc.

You can decorate your room by using the gift-paper that you can buy in some gift shops or just a supermarket. No need to spend a lot of money to buy this kind of paper. Then you can cover some corners by using this decorative paper or even you can make some crafts as well.

Shabby chic bedroom paint colors
Shabby chic bedroom paint colors

2. Some discounts for elegant stuff

You can buy some elegant stuff with special price discount store, wholesale club, or you can buy your friends’ furniture. By using this trick, you can get some adorable stuff with the reasonable price.

There is no need to worry about the quality because you can check the quality before you decide to buy that stuff. If your bedroom is already full, you can sell your furniture to your friends as well or you can sell it online.

3. Traditional cottage

This design is really suited to people who like classic types. The simplest thing to do is ask your grandmother or mother about their old stuff.

Then you can make some crafts to modify your room to be a classic one. You can use soft brown to give the traditional touch on your new room.

Traditional bedroom designs master bedroom

4. Monochrome design to comfort you

If you don’t like colorful touch in your room, you can use monochrome design to comfort you. You can choose one or two colors as the basic colors of your room.

Usually, people tend to mix black and white because this combination is really perfect. To modify your room in these two colors is not difficult and you don’t need to earn much money.

If you want to cover some furniture using white or black color, you may use the unused paper. If it is possible, you can paint the stuff by yourself.

5. Choose your favorite character

Usually people have someone that they really admire. It maybe the cartoon character or human figure. If people really admire someone, usually they collect everything about his idol.

With this idea, you can set all your collections in your room. Make sure you put those collections at the right place, so it will not disturb your activity.

Superhero bedroom decorating ideas
Nice inspiration with Superhero bedroom decorating ideas, Image by:

6. Jungle Bedroom Decor Ideas

This unique decoration is also very good for health. Plants provide oxygen for humans. Place your favorite plants in pots, then place them in the bedroom.

It will also be suitable for those of you who like the natural environment. And of course, this decoration is cheap and suitable for a limited budget.


Those are the tips to decorate your room if you have low budget. By following these steps, right now you can have the different look on your bedroom.

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