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What are the Best Bedroom Furniture Brands (Top List)

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Finding the best bedroom furniture can be a tough job for homeowners. There are lots of brands that have their own signature furniture.

When talking about which furniture brand is the best, then the answer is it depends since the best here can be very different from one how owner to another.

However, you do not need to be worried and you can choose these 10 top brands when choosing the bedroom furniture.

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1. Hooker Furniture

Hooker furniture is one of the best brands when it comes to bedroom furniture. Hooker furniture has been established for nearly 100 years and it has become the leading brand in the country.

This brand has been trusted by lots of homeowners since it gives a range of designs based on the nowadays trend. Not only do they give lots of designs, they also give the best quality of products at different prices.

Hooker Bedroom Furniture Sets
Hooker Bedroom Furniture Sets

2. Bernhardt

Bernhardt furniture is one of the popular brands that offers a soft and luxurious design. It has been established for more than 100 years and survive through a tough time by maintaining its high-quality products.

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This brand offers you with many elegant designs that are really focused on the little details, but with affordable price. By choosing this brand, you will have a different range of furniture with feminine and masculine touch for your bedroom that is different from the common design you found on the market.

Bernhardt Bedroom Furniture Sets
Bernhardt Bedroom Furniture Sets

3. Liberty Furniture

Liberty Furniture is a brand for homeowners who try to cut come budget in buying their bedroom furniture. Although this brand is relatively new, it is very popular since it offers you with a very affordable price as well as a range of designs.

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The designs by this brand are always up to date and come up with newer styles that suit the youngsters’ taste. When it comes to quality, of course, it will be very different from the previous brands, but you can customize your own style easily within this brand.

Liberty Bedroom Furniture Sets
Liberty Bedroom Furniture Sets

4. Stanley Furniture

For the homeowners who like the vintage style for their furniture, Stanley furniture is the best answer. Despite the fast changing design of furniture, Stanley furniture still maintains its traditional touch in creating every piece of their furniture.

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It does not mean that the furniture by Stanley furniture will look old and dull, but you can expect a modern furniture based on the current trends with a traditional touch. No wonder, this brand becomes the best brand among other brands for nearly 100 years since it offers you high-quality products that will last for a very long time.

Stanley Bedroom Furniture Sets
Stanley Bedroom Furniture Sets

5. Craftique

Craftique furniture is one of the well-known brands in America. This brand sells many furniture with the vintage style using mahogany. This brand is very popular among the high-class Americans since the quality of the furniture is the best.

The unique design and the touch of the past can be felt clearly. Unfortunately, due to economy recess, this furniture brand closed in 2012. However, you can still buy some of its furniture through online stores.

Craftique Bedroom Furniture Sets
Craftique Bedroom Furniture Sets

6. Copeland Furniture

Copeland furniture is a furniture brand based in Vermont. It offers you many collections for your bedroom. Its signature is that all furniture in Copeland furniture is made from natural hardwoods. The hardwoods make it different from other furniture brands since the furniture from this brand will change its color in some years ahead.

The color changing is not the bad one, but the color of the woods will deepen and it will give a warmer atmosphere to your bedroom.

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Copeland Bedroom Furniture Sets
Copeland Bedroom Furniture Sets

7. Broyhill Furniture

Another old furniture brand that is also trusted by lots of homeowners is Broyhill furniture. This brand is committed to making elegant and high-quality products using solid wood that characterized American style.

If you are choosing Broyhill furniture, you can easily match the theme of the furniture since it has many collections, not only for the bedroom but for the kitchen and other rooms as well. The products of this Broyhill furniture can be easily found in both local stores and online stores.

Broyhill Bedroom Furniture Sets
Broyhill Bedroom Furniture Sets

8. Aspen Home

Aspen home furniture is a brand with the age of 27 years and it is based in Phoenix. Aspen home furniture offers you many kinds of unique styles for your bedroom furniture with solid colors and solid construction made by high-quality mahogany.

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The designs of Aspen Home furniture is simple, yet very classic and everlasting. Having the bedroom furniture by Aspen Home furniture will give the room an elegant atmosphere, but at the same time, you will be relaxed by the choice of colors of the furniture itself.

Aspen Bedroom Furniture Sets
Aspen Bedroom Furniture Sets

9. Baker Furniture

If you are looking for the furniture with a handmade quality, Baker furniture is the best answer. Baker furniture has been established for more than 100 years and still preserving its original roots.

This furniture brand offers you with the lots of unique furniture collections and many designs to choose that are originally made by artisans and master crafters from all around the world.

Baker furniture has been trusted by lots of homeowners since the furniture has timeless designs and can survive for a long time. It is because Baker furniture is using high-quality materials as well as finest woods.

Baker Bedroom Furniture Sets
Baker Bedroom Furniture Sets

10. Bassett

The last best furniture brand that is affordable for all range of customers is Basset furniture. This brand has been established for more than 100 years and has created lots of designs that are suitable for a lifetime.

The designs of Bassett furniture are very unique and you are given the privilege to customize the furniture based on your taste. Not only does the furniture give a statement to your bedroom, but you will also have a chance to own a rare piece of product here.

Bassett Bedroom Furniture Sets
Bassett Bedroom Furniture Sets

Finding the best bedroom furniture brand means that you need to concern about the quality as well as the price. Or, you can go with the brands that give you more designs to explore.


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