Most Popular Rustic Bedroom Furniture Ideas

Most Popular Rustic Bedroom Furniture Ideas

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Rustic can be one of top choices in interior design and home decoration. Nowadays, it seems that many homeowners are more attracted to barnyard, cottage, or country styled house.

That is actually not a surprise, knowing that rustic design brings more relaxing feeling. It’ll surely benefit your if you have a rustic touch to your bedroom furniture.

That being said, here are most popular ideas for rustic bedroom furniture. Check it out.

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1. Barn Style Sliding Doors

Planning the right furniture for your rustic bedroom is not merely about the bed, the bedside furniture, or any other furniture in the room. You can also infuse the touch of rustic from your bedroom’s door. Do not know where to start? Easy! Go with a sliding door with barn style.

To give you some reference, you can check a barn-styled sliding door made by one of the top interior designers of Canada called Jennifer Worts. The design of the sliding door will not disappoint you. The door is made from a couple of plank woods that are finished in dark brown furnish.

This sliding door with such design can be a great addition to your bedroom that has airy and clean space. To perfect the overall look of your bedroom’s interior design, add an upholstered bed frame and walls that are in crisp shiplap. The one element that can seal the deal is that barn-styled sliding door that can even be crafted from reclaimed wood.

Rustic bedroom furniture set with Barn Style Sliding Doors

2. Reclaimed Wood for Rustic Bedroom Walls

If you are not really sure how to infuse the rustic touch to your bedroom, you can simply go with the design of your bedroom’s wall. Pick one side of your bedroom’s wall to be designed with rustic decoration. All you need are simply reclaimed woods.

This idea of making reclaimed wood wall comes from a modern lodge design of an architectural firm from Kansas City, Missouri called Kem Studio. The reclaimed wood bedroom all will give inviting and clean look to the overall look of your bedroom.

Choosing reclaimed wood to be wall decoration can be a great choice for your master bedroom. The reclaimed wood on the wall can bring a rustic vibe that makes you feel more relaxed and calm when you are in your bedroom.

To match the color of the reclaimed wood with other items in your bedroom, you can add some decorative items in the same colors with the wood. For instance, put two wood-color baskets on your open shelves in your bedroom.

Reclaimed Wood for Rustic Bedroom Walls

3. Brick for Another Trick

For some homeowner, putting reclaimed woods on the bedroom wall can be the go-to solution to create rustic bedroom. Another option is to wooden the bedroom’s ceiling beams to infuse the rustic vibe to their bedroom. Good news is that you don’t need to do them all and you do have another option to have rustic atmosphere in your bedroom.

Here is another trick to create rustic inspired space coming from New York City bedroom located in an apartment of Greenwich Village. The interior designers of this bedroom left behind all the reclaimed wood and plywood. Instead, they occupy natural timber and old brick walls to infuse the rustic touch to the 6-sqft bedroom.

Although the bedroom is pretty small, it doesn’t mean that the room cannot play with rustic style well. The bricks that can be seen on almost all sides of the wall successfully give the small space a great rustic vibe. To even infuse more rustic touch, the designers hang some old style photo frames on the wall.

To prevent the vibe from being too overwhelmed by rustic designs, the designers insert white colors through bed, bedding, pillow cushions, wall paint, curtain, console, and window paint.

Reclaimed wood brick wall for rustic bedroom decor ideas

4. Rustic Pallet Bed Frame

You can surely purchase any rustic furniture from the stores. If not, you can always purchase plywood or reclaimed wood to be used in your bedroom’s interior design. But, that is just too common. You can use another idea of giving your bedroom more rustic touch.

Here comes a great idea from Homepolish. The unique rustic furniture from Homepolish is a solution of homey storage that can serve you more than just one function. It is a handy shoe storage that is made of old wood pallets.

Although you can simply buy one from the store, you can always make one by yourself. Go get yourself lots of wood pallets and create bed frame that comes with plenty of shoe storage. This new addition to your bedroom will infuse a rustic feeling to your bedroom and also will give you additional storage in the room.

To match the color of the shoe storage to the rest of the furniture, build one side of your bedroom walls with bricks. Give reddish brown as the finishing of the bricks. Meanwhile, for the other sides of the bedroom walls, simply paint them white.

Rustic Pallet Bed Frame for rustic bedroom furniture ideas

5. A Campy Headboard

There is another idea of creating rustic vibe in a bedroom that comes from a hotel bedroom designed by Locati Architects. This bedroom occupies a campy headboard as one of the main rustic furniture pieces. The headboard was painted orange with “LODGE” writing in white and bold font type.

Meanwhile, for the wall of the bedroom, the designers opted orange colors to match the walls with the sign headboard. The orange color for the wall paint is a little bit darker than the one used for the headboard. Choosing orange paint for the walls is also meant to enhance the cozy appeal of the room. Still infusing orange color to the room, the designer also chose sofa with some touches of orange.

To add more rustic touch, the designers installed raw wood instead of molding with conventional crown. In addition to that, there are also bear lampshade and old books place on the kitsch’s left bring.

Infusing rustic vibe to your bedroom can come with plenty of ideas. It is not merely about reclaimed woods to decorate the wall. The decoration can occupy other elements that can create the vibe feeling we’ve always wanted like explained above.

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