Kids Bedroom Furniture You'll Love

How to Choose Kids Bedroom Furniture You’ll Love

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Choosing the right furniture for your kids’ bedroom is challenging. Either they like and you don’t, or they could outgrow too fast resulting in neither of you love it.

Another challenge is that there are plenty of furniture options in the market that seems appealing and unique to you both.

The following are some tips to help you choose the furniture both of you will definitely love:

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1. Decide the Budget for the Furniture

Like in buying furniture for other rooms of a house, kids’ bedroom furniture can range in price from cheap to costly. The price range is so wide spread and so is the versatility and the quality aspects.

Therefore, before heading to furniture shop, you should’ve known how much money you can afford to spend. Also, you need to consider the additional cost in case you buy the furniture online as it needs handling and shipping.

2. Prioritize the Versatility for the Sake of Longevity

Always bear in mind that buying furniture for kids’ bedroom is not the same with buying it for adult. One fo the reasons is that the inevitable fact that the kids grow. By considering your furniture budget, you need to determine whether you prefer paying more expensive furniture that can function until your kids reach pre-teen years or not.

Another alternative that you also need to consider is to whether you are only willing to purchase furniture for every growth stage of your kids. This alternative can be better only if you have a plan on moving homes, changing decors, changing furniture with the latest trend, and others.

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3. Discuss with Your Children

Unless you are buying the furniture for a baby’s room, you need to take into account your children’s opinion, especially when they are already three years old and up. You need to know what they like and what they do not like.

However, this does not mean that you let your children pick the color of the wall and how to treat the flooring and treatments. It means that the bedroom will be theirs and they need to be able to enjoy the room along with how the furniture looks.

To make the furniture discussion easier and more effective, you may pick a couple or colors, themes, and also ideas to present your children with some options. Then let them choose from the options you have for them. If you don’t know how to make the list of the options, you can consult to manufacturer magazines and or online furniture websites to find any necessary inspirations.

4. Don’t Forget to Make the Room Fun

One of the golden rules in decorating kids’ bedroom is that it is completely ok not to properly play with decorative rules. If you think your kids prefer bright colors, go give them decorative rugs, bedding, and matching fixtures of lighting.

On the contrary, if you see your kids love a particular color that you don’t really fancy, you can consider neutral tone for the room paints and your kids’ color preference to a single piece of the bedroom furniture such as the bedding.

If you plan on saving more money, you can consider garage sales or online classifieds to fix-up or to paint your furniture. There is no science rule on choosing the furniture for your kids’ bedroom. So, be as creative as you can!

5. Be Ready for Changes

Another tip on choosing the lovable furniture for your kids’ bedroom is to really be aware that your kids will grow and the need of new furniture indeed exists. You should even be more ready when you realize your kids are the ones who can grow taller more quickly. If that is the reality, you need to consider buying your kids adult sized or larger sized bed to get rid of waiting until those kids are not comfortable in sleeping.

Another change that you should be ready with is the family changes. The versatility of the furniture is needed so that it can accommodate an addition of kid to your family or maybe one of your kids is a college student who needs to return home once in a while.

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6. Don’t Mix too Many Patterns

You may have known the theory of bold colors and bright patterns are great ideas. Yet, the fact is that too many patterns can end up with a room that looks messy even seems like it was just hit by a terrible tornado. Like it or not, you need to agree with the idea of kids are walking disasters.

The common issues with kids’ bedroom are dirty clothes, discarded toys, and dirty papers and papers. Infusing too many bold colors and also patterns to this naturally chaotic room can result in a bedroom that is so overwhelming.

What to do then? You need to limit the decorations for your kids’ bedroom to be two or three patterns only. Choose a patterned rug, bedspread, or just wall art.

Then avoid adding another pattern for the chairs, lamp shades, throw pillows, and other pieces of furniture. You only need to choose two or three focal pieces of furniture and then just use solid colors for the rest of the furniture pieces.

7. Consider Where to Store Your Kids’ Toys and Room’s Decorations

What mostly happen is bedroom decorations and kids’ toys are interchangeable. Therefore, the great idea for this is to fill a particular shelf with car toys or dolls so that the shelf can be more age appropriate. But you also need to consider whether those toys are something your kids like to take down and then play with or not.

You should reserve the upper shelves for decorations whereas the lower ones for the storage of your kids’ favorite toys or items that are commonly used. Don’t place your kids’ favorite toys in a place that is difficult for them to reach because that can be a disaster for the bedroom condition. Children are curious and will try hard to get what they want, including their favorite toys.

Choosing the right furniture for kids’ bedroom that you will love can be tricky. However, this article has equipped you enough with lots of tips to overcome any possible issue that may occur. So, don’t you forget a single thing above!

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