Tips for Bedroom Hacks for a Better Night’s Sleep

Tips for Bedroom Hacks for a Better Night’s Sleep

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In reality, most people spend around 7 up to 9 hours every day in the bedroom and try to get such a good night sleep. It is true that the good night sleep may bring some impacts to our everyday activities and also our health.

However, sometimes, under such circumstances you may not be able to enjoy this comfortable sleep due to stress, noisy sounds, summer heat, and many more.

Below are some tips that you can do to get better sleep at night.

Tips for Bedroom Hacks for a Better Night’s Sleep

1. Bedroom Makeover

As mentioned previously, there must be some reasons why you are not able to sleep comfortable at night. Some possible reasons may because of your diet, stress, distractions or probably the caffeine that you drink at 3:30 p.m during your busy afternoons.

If you happen to experience such an uncomfortable situation which distracts you from your peace yet quiet night sleep, you can always go for the makeover in your bedroom. This way will help you get your old sleep cave back. Here are some tips that you can use to upgrade your bedroom so that it will bring such a positive effect for your rest.

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2. Choose the Best Bed

The average person tends to spend more than one third of his/her life in bed. This truth may become the reason for you to spend some money to buy some comfortable bed for you to sleep at night. If you want to feel better in your own bedroom, it is better to buy some better looking bed. Take your time to choose your bed frame, the bed covers, and also the bed head.

For the best quality of the bed, you can always go for the cooling memory-foam mattress. This pressure-relieving mattress is designed to always keep you feel cool. It is true that the temperature is one of the most influential factors for the better sleep at night. As mentioned by, the normal temperature for sleeping is about 60 up to 67 degrees.

Most people sleep better in this cool environment, however, if the room temperature rises more than that, it can be guaranteed that you will feel restless throughout the night. Therefore, you need to choose the mattress that is able to keep your room temperature cool. Choose the one which is able to absorb and get rid of the heat away from your body so that you will always feel comfortable during your night rest.

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3. Keep Items at Arm’s Reach

Make sure that the bedroom and the items inside it are all functional and also good looking. Don’t forget to always keep the bedroom floor clear. You can put some bedside tables on one side of the bedroom corner if you like. Imagine what your arm wants to reach at the side of the bed, probably a bedside table with some drawers in it? The drawers can also be used to stash your magazine or any other items to keep your bedroom clean and organized.

4. Create Such Ritual

In order to get better sleep at night, it is better for you to make such a ritual which will wind you down. Make sure to keep the ritual consistent every day. You can set the time when you want to go to the bedroom.

If you already set the bedroom time, you need to aim for the bedroom slowly by winding it down. Avoid going to the bedroom just like a tornado and jump straight into the bed exhausted. You can keep the pace down by resting on an armchair for your pre-bedtime meditation or reading.

5. Dim the Light Down

Other important factor that you need to consider to have such comfortable sleep at night is the bedroom lighting. This element also becomes the essential yet easy way to create the sleeping ritual. You need to switch the lights from the bright one to the dim one. You can go from the overhead light to much dimmer lamp to help you relax.

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6. Create the Bedroom Vibe

In order to get a comfortable sleep at night, you need to make some adjustments to your bedroom. First thing to do is by removing all stressful and negative reminders or situations away from your bedroom. Don’t try to intricate some serious quarrels on your bedroom. Make sure to also get rid of all the related work materials from this room.

7. Use the Lavender Essence

Another way to create the bedroom vibe is by getting the essences burning or candles for your bedroom. You can go for the lavender essence as it can relax your body and brain. The lavender aroma or smell can lower the blood pressure as well as the heart rate. It is also able to increase the brain activity that is connected to sleep.

You can just spray the lavender essence onto your bedding. To make this lavender spray, you need to mix two cups of vodka, two cups of water, and 15 to 20 drops of lavender oil inside the spray bottle.

8. Change the Bed Sheets Once a Week

It is important to keep your bedroom clean and healthy. One way to do is to always change the bed sheets at least per week. The accumulated dust mites all over the bed sheets are not good for your health. These dust mites are also able to disrupt your cozy sleep at night. If you sleep with your pets, it is even better to change and clean the bed sheets frequently.

9. Choose Restful Patterns and Colors for the Bedroom Decoration

It is not wrong to have the bedroom full of bold patterns and bright colors. However, such decoration may not be conducive if you expect to have such a comfortable sleep at night. To help you with your night sleep, it is better to decorate the bedroom with restful patterns and colors.

Go for whites, grays, ivories, blues, or sages. These colors are much more conducive for better sleep at night. For the patterns, you can choose soft medallions, simple stripes, or light ombre.

Gray bedroom makeover ideas

These are some tips that you can try and implement in to your bedroom to make your sleep much more comfortable at night. Good luck!

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