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Complete Guide on How to Clean Floor Tile Grout with Steam

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How to clean floor tile grout? This question may come up often. Cleaning floor tile grout can be problematic. Some types of tile grout, especially the ceramic one, need regular maintenance every day.

Fortunately, there is an easy way to clean your floor tile grout. You just need to operate a grout steam cleaner and every single thing will be done.

Read the following guide to learn more about this.


Grout Steam Cleaner

As having been mentioned briefly, you just need to operate a grout steam cleaner and your tile grout will be great again. The secret recipe lies in its fantastic performance. Grout steam cleaner gets in the grout line and it blasts away all types of dirt.

This cleaner is equipped with a brush and temperature adjuster. With hot temperature, you can easily take out all of the dirt. When you turn the steam into room temperature, you will polish the grout and it will get back its original shine.

You will see the difference immediately. Despite its sophisticated system, this tile grout steam cleaner is totally easy to operate. Any grout steam cleaner will have the following basic operational procedures:

Tile and grout steam cleaning machines

  1. Make sure that your grout steam cleaner is able to reach at least 175O C and a decent steam pressure. Affording commercial or high quality steam cleaners can be the best option.
  2. Steam cleaner usually comes with a brush made of nylon or brass. If it does, then attach the brush to the lance. The steam will go through the brush and cleaning duty will be easier as it is more condensed.
  3. Start scrubbing your tile grout slowly and gently until the steam cleaner takes away all the dirt.
  4. Some grout steam cleaners are equipped with rectangular floor tool. If you do have one, then switch to this rectangular floor tool to take off the residues left on the floor. As an alternative, you may also use a wiping cloth.

Grout cleaning steam mop

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Additional Tips How to Clean Floor Tile Grout with Steam

In this section, you will have a little bit more explanation about cleaning the tile grout. The following tips can be helpful:

  1. Make sure you have a multipurpose steam cleaner. Such cleaner has attachment that might be applied to different surfaces.
  2. Blast the grout with steam jet first before you start using the attachment.
  3. Start cleaning the grout with nylon brush. This nylon brush is harmless to your tile grout no matter how hard you scrub it.Nylon brush to remove grout
  4. Use your wire bristle. This is an ultimate weapon in cleaning your tile, but you have to be very careful. This wire bristle may damage your tile grout, especially when you scrub it too hard. So, scrub your tile grout gently.
  5. Scrub the tile grout from top to bottom. In every few minutes, splash the steamed area with fresh water. This will sweep away the dirt and prevent it from being hardened.
  6. Give some time for your machine to start producing the steam.

After reading the explanation above, you shouldn’t have more problems with grout cleaning. Grout cleaning will be totally easier. Considering the result, this steam machine is worth the investment. Always refer to how to clean floor tile grout guide above to get maximum result while using the machine.

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