Most Popular Bedroom Wall Color Ideas with cream, big pictures, and yellow furniture

Most Popular Bedroom Wall Color Ideas

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Having a rough day at work? Most people find their sanctuary at their bedroom, while some others find more troubles the moment they step inside the room.

The difference of these two reaction is caused by simple thing: the bedroom wall color. In order to emit certain energy, the house owners should choose the right color.

1. Bohemian Touch

If the bedroom owners want to get fresh, soft and girly look, try the Bohemian concept. It is basically the combination of pink, red and oranges.

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The hue is tuned to the softer than the bolder side. It would be even prettier with Elitis wallpaper on the room. This trick would even create illusion of rounded room in a hexagonal bedroom.

To pair with the fresh wallpaper, the bedroom owner could coordinate the color of the pillow, blanket and rug as well. The best option is having plain colored pillow and blanket. Choose a soft color like lilac and soft pink for the pillow. As for the blanket, white will give the clean vibe.

Bohemian bedroom wall decor
Bohemian bedroom wall decor

2. Sky Touch

Who could deny the power of blue color to relax the tensed muscle? Taken from the color of the sky, blue sketch dreamy setting to the bedroom. It is even better when the bedroom owners could incorporate several different tones of blue to really drag the feeling of being inside the cloud.

Splash plain sky blue on the wall. Pick one tone lighter for the ceiling. Make sure that the additional accessories has similar or lighter color than the wall. Provide a little accent to the room with the blue patterned curtain. It would be great if the pillow and the lamp table could have similar pattern as well.

Blue skywall bedroom color ideas

3. Soft Lilac

There is another color option for relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom: soft lilac. Since this color portrays feminine side, most of its users are female. Even so, the guests who come over to see the room will stay longer than they intend to.

The nice background wall is floral. Instead of taking the small flowers pattern, it would be prettier to bring medium sized purple flower on the wall. Coordinate it well with lilac headboard, clean white bed cover and dark purple pillow. It is also nice to have purple carpet next to the bed. Leave the other furniture in white, since the ficus should be on the wall and bed.

Soft Lilac bedroom wall color ideas

4. Green Camp

In several houses, bunk beds are still a thing. Particularly, for those who have two or three children. Put on teal touch on the wall to get the camping feeling. It should be applied on the bed frame as well. This concept will fit well for boys’ room.

The worst thing to complement teal is pairing with another green tone. The perfect pair for teal is soft yellow, orange and dark brown. For the curtain, it is best to pick soft yellow color. The other colors will make the room looks darker. Dark brown could be used for the flooring.

Green Yellow Camp Wall Bedroom Color Idea with Bunk Bed for Kids

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5. Royal Emerald

Going for something luxurious? Then try the silk wallpaper. It will set the fresh royalty mood, especially with the green leaves theme. To upgrade the drama, paint the window frame, mirror frame and headboard. The perfect color for them would be emerald green or any darker but brighter hue than the leaf on the wallpaper.

It is not hard to find the pairing for emerald color. White goes quite well with any color, so it would be a safe choice. Want to be a little edgy? Pick a white pillow cover with black frame on its top. There you go: a clean and fresh royalty room.

De Gournay Green and Gole Wallpaper Luxury Royal Emerald Bedroom Ideas
De Gournay Green and Gole Wallpaper Luxury Royal Emerald Bedroom Ideas. Image:

6. Fresh Green and Blue

Many people associate fresh concept with yellow color. Although it might be true, isn’t it a little bit too much? Putting bright yellow in the bedroom is not a common approach. Thus, the fresh concept in a bedroom is presented by blue and green. Both are known for their balance of refreshing and relaxing effect.

The wall is painted in white or broken white. The first one provides clean vibes, while the broken white leans more to the softer side. Put on blue ocean curtain and blue droplets rug under the bed. Let the cover stay in white, but choose green leopard pattern for the pillow cover.

Fresh Green and Blue Bedroom Wall color ideas
Fresh Green and Blue Bedroom Wall color ideas

7. Luxurious Fuschia

Although the official color of luxury is gold, fuschia could also give the same vibe. It is eye popping if the bed owners looks from afar, but soft enough to be slept on from close distance. A touch of gold on the bottom of the ceiling curtain makes it even more glittery.

Pick faint purple for the wallpaper. It is the white color with a slight purple touch. As the bed frame is hugged with fuschia tone, set white bed cover with lilac blanket to complete the decoration. Add a flower vase with sunflower in it to brighten the mood.

Luxurious Fuschia Bedroom Wall color ideas

8. Pretty Flower

Have the bedroom owners dream of beautiful flower pattern on the wallpaper? The color base is white, and the flower is orange, yellow blue and green. The white background is not dominated by the pattern, so the bedroom owner could get clean and refreshing effect.

There is no need to worry about the complimentary decoration. It is as simple as taking the tone presents on the wallpaper. Then, the tone would be soft yellow, white, or ocean blue.

Pretty Flower Wallpaper Bedroom Ideas

9. Greyish Blue

The last theme to be applied in a bedroom is futuristic room. It could be either the simplest or most complicated theme for the owners. The basic color used for this concept is silvery blue. As seen in many futuristic film setting, there is only one tone in the room. In the other words, the room owners should be able to find the curtain, pillow cover, and blanket of the similar colors.

Gray and Blue Bedroom Wall Color Ideas

It is amazing how changing the color of bedroom could change the atmosphere of the whole room. Blue yields for calming effect, orange for energy and red for passion. It is also fun to mix and match color and pattern. Good luck with the project!


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