Nice Ideas and tips How to Decorate A Newborn Baby Boy Room

How to Decorate A Newborn Baby Boy Room

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Welcome to the world of parents. For those who are expecting their first baby boy, a lot of preparation is never enough.

Here are some tips for you to decorate your baby room and make it as practical as possible.


The DOS of Decorating Baby Boy Room

To prepare the decoration of your baby’s room, the trusted reference so far is the parenting magazine. It gives you a bunch of new things that you need to know.

Believe it or not, some of these suggestions are for commercial use only. Here are some tips from the experienced parents for you.

1. Everything should be within your reach

Handling baby boy for the first time is quite a challenge. There are a lot of new things to learn: changing diapers, wiping the dirty cover, throwing the dirty diaper to poop bucket, and so on.

These jobs may seem easy, until you remember one thing: Your baby is also crawling or kicking.

Therefore, it would be hard for you if you have to go somewhere, even for a second to take something.

The arrangement for the baby’s things such as diaper, burp cloth, clean cloth, clean cover and the laundry bag should be near the crib. This way, you can take everything with ease.

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2. The emergency storage should be literally everywhere.

Toys and dolls are basic for the new baby boy. Your relatives and friends may give them to the baby as a present. It will be quite dangerous when you walk around at night.

When you have a baby boy, every time you hear him cry, you will immediately come to soothe him.

It may be the diapers or him being hungry. You may trip because you step on the toys cluster. Thus, it is important to have a lot of emergency storage.

You can just put the toys in any storage after the play time is over.

3. Wallpaper is your new best friend.

Especially for the area around the crib, you surely want to put washable wallpaper. It gives you a big hand when handling baby boy’s pee or even poop.

Washable wallpaper could be cleaned and is not easily stained. Even when it does, you can always replace it with the new one.

Newborn baby boy room

The Don’ts of Decorating Baby Boy Room

1. Cute curtain is not practical in reality.

There a lot of commercial curtain that has a cute design. Choosing this kind of curtain for your baby boy’s room is not suggested.

The room for baby should be able to create its own night. Thus, heavy curtain is more preferred.

The cute curtains are usually thin and barely block the sunlight. When this happens, your baby boy will refuse to sleep. He will think the play time is not over yet.

2. White is not your friend anymore

The baby will make a lot of mess. You should not be shocked when you get many stains all over the room. For this reason, painting the room white will not be good.

You want something that could hide stain well, but also something soft for your baby.

Gray is the perfect candidate. You can always re-paint the walls once your little boy grows bigger. For now, the best option is to keep everything safe and less stressful for the parents.

As parents, you only want the best for your baby boy. To provide him the best room and home welcoming, follow the tips above.

Newborn baby boy room themes

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