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Great Baby Shower Ideas for Boys that You Can Choose From

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It now is your time to organize the baby shower for your lovely baby boys and you are not sure what you want to choose from.

It is true that picking some theme for your baby shower can be very difficult but it is also very fun to do. Don’t worry! The only limitation is your imagination.

Here are some baby shower ideas for boys for you.

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1. Mustache Bash Idea

You may also agree that there is nothing more adorable and silly at the same time than a baby who wears a mustache.

You can also add the Grog Prince Paperie to make this baby shower theme simple and keep its cute elements altogether.

You can decorate your baby shower theme with black, orange and blue colors through your picture frames, candies, and also your cupcake toppers.

You can also add the mustache stickers on the signs, family photos, and the drinking glasses. Add some mustache cookies and funny witticisms. To keep this mustache bash theme great you just need to make sure that all details are able to create such a great success.

Baby Shower Ideas for Boys Mustache Bash Theme

2. Rock Star Idea

You can celebrate your great baby shower for your baby boys by using this theme. Start the party by preparing a turntable cake for your guests. Decorate your house with some music themes including the tees and bodysuits with some cute words like My Dad Rocks, or Born to Rock.

Prepare some Pop Rock candies for your guests to complete the theme. You can also display your vintage albums to make the theme more interesting. You can also add some sign on the bathroom such as Potty Like a Rock Star.

Rock Star Baby Shower Ideas for Boys

3. Space Invaders Idea

If you want to create an outer space for your baby shower theme, you may be interested in setting up this space invaders theme for you and your guests. The main idea of this theme is to create the “out of this space” environment.

You can create an alien themed idea by preparing blue, gray, orange and yellow colored glittery hats. Post the alien decoration as the backdrop hanging above your finger food snacks as well as other foods.

Choose clever bites and drinks for this theme such as asteroids (donut holes), three-colored laser beams (bell peppers), and also rocket fuel (lemonade).

Space Invaders Baby Shower Ideas for Boys

4. A Rubber Ducky Idea

This is also a great idea for your baby shower. You can turn the silly rubber ducky into a whimsical and stylist party theme. You can create patterned decorations such as polka dots, stripes or chevrons in colorful palettes such as white, grey, or yellow along with flowers and frames.

You can add the rubber duckie details such as wine glasses which are decorated with glittery ducks. You can also add small rubber duckie on the top of cakes.

A Rubber Ducky Baby Shower Ideas for Boys

5. Zebra Idea

What makes this idea outstanding is the blue and chocolate brown zebra stripes. You can add the amazing details such as banners, darling buntings, beverage wraps, printable labels, and also coordinating invitations.

You can also match the desserts with this theme like cake pops, zebra cake, Oreo truffles, and also other ideas for a chocolate fountain. You can also match the table setting for this theme.

Zebra Baby Shower Ideas for Boys

6. Mickey Mouse Idea

You can also set up the mickey mouse theme for your baby shower theme. There are various bright yet cheerful details for it. You can prepare your dessert table with such marshmallow pops and cupcake tower. To save your budget, you can create your own DIY mickey mouse decorations for your own party. Isn’t that great?

Mickey Mouse Baby Shower Ideas for Boys

7. Superheroes Idea

If you are expecting for a baby boy, this theme will be suitable for you. You don’t have to choose one superhero for this theme, you can even include several superheroes in your party. Choose some bright colors like yellow, blue, or red when you want to choose the balloons, the napkins, straws, cups, paper plates or the tablecloth.

If you want to only choose one superhero, then you can use the colors specific to that superhero as your decorations.

For the food, you can prepare the superheroes cookies which will be shaped similar to the babysuits. You can also make cakes which resemble the costumes of the iconic superheroes. You can add some other foods or snacks like green candies which are labeled as the green kryptonite.

You can also prepare the cake pops and cupcakes to match the superhero colors you choose. You can do it with the food dye.

Superhero Baby Shower Ideas for Boys

8. Jungle Themed Idea

It is true that the new baby will soon to be the king of the jungle. Thus, this theme can be perfect for you to choose. It is very easy to choose the decorations to match this idea. Start by placing the voluptuous indoor plants near your food table.

You can also hang some green, yellow and black balloon above the food table. You may also ask your guests to bring some jungle animal toys so that they can sit around your buffet table.

As the centerpiece for your theme, you can have the jungle diaper cake. If you don’t want to make the decorations by yourself, you can download the decorations as well as the jungle themed invitations online.

For the foods, you can choose fruits suitable for jungle theme such as pineapples, mangos, bananas, or some other exotic fruits like papayas and coconuts.

You may also decorate your cakes similar to monkey, or elephant. You can also make a dip platter which resembles a lion. You may also prepare the carrot sticks and some veggies to decorate your tray.

For the beverages, you can have some banana smoothies, punch labeled with jungle juice, and some colored soda for your guests. You can also prepare the lemonade jugs which can be labeled with the watering hole. You can also prepare the chocolate fondue to resemble the mud bath.

Jungle Themed Baby shower ideas for boys

These are some great ideas that you can choose for your baby shower ideas for boys. Now, if you have chosen the theme for your baby shower ideas, you can start preparing it. Just start decorating and have a great party ahead!

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