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How to Choose Best Bedroom Lighting Design Tips

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Who said that choosing bedroom lights are easy to do? In contrast of its simple image, pointing the perfect illumination to create a perfect ambiance has challenging yet fun factor at the same time.

Its abundant variant of shapes and colors sometimes affect our subconscious level.  Is it really good to follow the hypnotizing persuasion?


1. Size Up or Down?

Your first consideration falls on the size of your bedroom and how you will use it daily. The basic rule about lighting is providing enough illumination for every corner.

This is where most people fall into the classic tricks, thinking that installing a lot of lamps will help accentuating the carving of the room. In fact, this effort will result in a cave room: too bright in one side and too dim in another side.

To help you decide the size, also think about the activities you are going to have in the room. If the bedroom has sole function as a sleeping chamber, then dim pendant lighting is enough.

However, when you still bring books or your works to the bed, the best options is to have several small lamps.

Vintage classic bedroom lighting

2. Fancy or Simple?

Another factor you have to consider is the conformity of the room. Think again about it. For this bedroom, you might spend more than enough to incorporate particular color, pattern and furniture.

Now, it is time to find a way to go along with the flow. For a classic room, the best pair would be two side lamps. They balance the lines of the room. You can also pick sconces lamps for comparison.

Looking for soft setting? Then you might like the idea of ceiling light with a dimmer. In the corner of the room or next to your bed, install another standing lamp. They add main lighting for the important area.

For those who live the artistic sides, abstract shaped lamp would be more tempting. In this case, pick spider legged lamps or even a standing lamp.

Fancy bedroom lighting picture ideas

3. One or Multiple?

There are three kinds of lighting for layering purpose: ambient, accent and task lighting. Each lamp has its own function in the layer.

Ambient lighting for example, plays an important role in determining the mood of the room. It is usually the pendant or another type of lamp installed on the ceiling.

The accent lighting, in the other hand, helps to shoot the focal point of the room. It could be a painting, statue, wall decoration, etc. If you don’t keep anything like that, don’t set the lighting and go with two layers only.

Task lighting is the minimum single layer you must have in the room. Its role is to shine on particular area. Set your layers and aim for the best ambiance you want!.

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While you set your own bedroom, it is not just like any other room. This particular space has to be as cozy as possible, displaying the owners’ personal taste and style.

Pay attention to the size of your lighting, which affect coverage area of the sparkle. Never skip the option to shout your personal fashion. If you need a luxurious touch, then layer your lighting.

How to Choose Best Bedroom Lighting Design Tips

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