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How to Choose Best Dining Room Lighting Design Tips

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If you have to mention one entertaining room in the house, you might choose dining room over the living room.

Why is it so? The reason is simple; the dining room allows many people to gather, dine and chat at the same time.

With these functions in mind, the lighting setting should be set to fit either ambiance with a single switch click.

For that, these simple tips to choose best dining room lighting. Hope you get some ideas. Check it out.

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1. Pick the Right Size and Shape

The rule of perfect dining room lamp starts from your dining table. When it comes to kitchen, the main purpose is to shine the light upon the table and all the utensils set for the diners.

To fit this purpose, you will need to pair round table with a round pendant or chandelier.

They complement each other and gives leveling effect. If you have rectangular shape table, then hang a linear pendant. It makes the lines go bolder than usual.

Another tips for the installation is about the distance of the lighting from the side of the table. The suitable distance to maximize lamp illumination is 30 cm or twelve inches from all table directions.

Take an example of 120 cm wide and 180 cm long dining table. The best lighting fixture pair for this furniture is a 120 cm x 60 cm lamp.

Dining room chandeliers for low ceilings

2. Set the Right Height

After purchasing the right lamp fixture for your dining room, the next question would be: how high should you hang the pendant or chandelier?

Hanging it too low will cramp your space, while setting it too high won’t make a great balance for the room.

The general height used for house installation would be 75 to 90 cm or around 36 inches. This refers to the distance between the top of your table and the bottom of the lamp.

If you happen to live in a house with double height ceiling, pull up the lamp to 102 cm or 40 inches distance. It would still fit the frame well.

Rustic farmhouse style dining room pendant lighting

3.Set the Right Amount of Light

It will never be enough to have only one candle in the dining room. Most people neglect this fact, and you don’t have a single reason to follow this step.

If you do, there will be very limited option for you to play with the ambiance. Do you really want to rely on the dimmer only?

Look at the beautiful painting hanging on the wall. Why don’t you install recess or track lighting for the piece of art? Aside of painting, most dining room has cupboard. It sticks close to the wall without any decoration on.

You could make use of it as the surprising effect by putting two table lamps on both sides. For tall board, a line of LED lighting on the top would be pretty. Its glow and sparkle are something your guests could admire.

When all relatives and friends gather, having small talk while munching some confectionery will be the main activity in the kitchen. Don’t let the fun ends when there’s only the two of you at home!

Control the room purpose for either warm family gathering or romantic dinner for two by setting the lighting with dimmer.

Dining room lighting brushed nickel

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