How to Match Kitchen Cabinet Countertops and Flooring Combinations

How to Match Kitchen Cabinet Countertops and Flooring Combinations

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Countertop, cabinet, and floor are three dominating components in a kitchen.

Coordinating the colors of these elements is basically toning the kitchen itself.

That is why making a plan is essential. Gambling has a bigger chance to fail. Moreover, there are a bunch of choices you can pick from.

Instead of rushing to the store, consider the following suggestions first.

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1. Plan the Palette Colors

First of all, picture the overall frame in your head. Imagine how you like the colors to be. Find three colors at the maximum for your kitchen: two dominant or main colors and one accent color. You can add your favorite colors to the list.

Remember both should be the pillars of the whole concept. If you are not too sure, then utilize the color chart or chips. The accent color could be provided by the utensils. You could also simply skip the last step. Paint would come handy to give the final touch.

2. Pick Countertops First

When purchasing the products, the wisest choice is to pick the countertop first. It matches with your eye level and placed in the middle.

Therefore, the countertops, being the focal point, take the top place. Moreover, this item is the most expensive among the other items.

Various materials are available: granite, marble, tile, Silestone, etc. Each of them comes with different texture and finishing.

After choosing the suitable countertop, it will be easier to coordinate the cabinet and the floor tile. Don’t forget to bring the sample of your countertop color when purchasing the other elements.

Kitchen cabinets and countertops combination

3. Balance the Color

There are two options to balance the dominant colors. The first one is bounding the cabinet and flooring in one tone, while the countertops will be a perfect ribbon of different stain.

The second one is to match the cabinet and the countertops. The flooring then should provide contrasting color.

Take an example of choosing brownish granite with beige and rust touch. The perfect pair would be beige or rust floor tile. Blue marble countertops with a sheer of marble and gold would look great with cream or gold toned tiles.

4. Pick Cabinet Style

Following the theme you have set in the beginning, it is time to choose the last decorative point: the cabinet. Without this element, you only play with color and pattern.

Accentuate your kitchen with suitable cabinet. If you are after simple concept, pick flat panel type with minimalist line.

Distressed cabinet, in the other side, will fit perfectly to vintage concept. If your countertops and floor are infusing cream and beige, beadboard style cabinet is certainly better than the other. The center has eye-catching pattern, while the rest has plain color.

Coordination of colors for interior design usually only involves 3 colors at the maximum. Infusing more than three would ruin the balance in your kitchen and might create “”messy” impression.

Don’t forget about the kitchen utensils. These small decorations are also splashing colors. Play with your imagination within the above rules border and get the maximum kitchen beauty.

New kitchen cabinets and countertops granite

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