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Home Office Design Tips

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For a few days in a month, you have no choice but to bring your work to home.

Since it will happen anyway, why don’t you dedicate a small corner in the house to be a home office?

Having this area ready is nice, but you have to learn the tips to make clear line between comfort and working pace.

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1. Setting The Equipment

Remember, you are going to design a home office. It doesn’t have to have a complete office supplies.

Before you spend your money on color laser printer, think about how important it is for your job. If walking to the neighborhood copier could solve the problem, why should you give up the space for an equipment you will rarely use?

Since you might move around the house, make sure the laptop connection is wireless. Cables will limit your movement and might make you trip over.

Once you install the wireless connection, do a simple test. Try to access a website from your desk and the area around it. A great connection should be stable.

2. Getting The Light

The perfect place for you to put the office table is close to the window. Through this ventilation, natural daylight could give proper and costless lighting. Nothing could beat the white balance of the daylight.

Even though season and geographical season affect the white color a sunlight reflection produce, including the daylight as the main light would be great.

Some office can’t afford above-the-ground space and go in the basement instead. In this case, you want to combine general and task lighting.

It is better to grab high-quality bulb, so you don’t have to change it in rainy days or late night. Try to find the bulb that could replicate white daylight in the closest spectrum.

Home office design layout ideas
Image: designtrends.com

3. Finding The Privacy

To work on your papers and projects, quiet environment is required. Thus, you can’t compromise with any disturbance from your surrounding. Take the first step by eliminating eye distraction.

Move the screen projector to limit the view of neighbor activities. You could also move a bookshelf or divider walls. Placing a bookshelf would be more practical, as it could turn into a helpful storage.

Next, set the air purifier or fan to quiet mode. It’s a big NO to paint the wall with colorful tones. Pastel or white colors work best for maximum concentration. Don’t forget to warn your family members that you are in working time. Hang a “don’t disturb” or “busy” sign on the door.

Home office design and color ideas

4. Organizing The Office Supplies

A messy working table could stretch your working hour. It is simply because you cannot work efficiently. Every time you need a highlighter, it is hidden under the pile of papers.

Mixing finished and unfinished paper will make you confused. Therefore, office supply organization is important. Gather stationary in one box and don’t forget to put it back in the box after use.

Working in a home is another form of blessing comfort. You can stay away from office riot, particularly at the last seconds to deadline.

However, being too comfortable could create another problem; slower working pace. In the end, you might miss another deadline. Make sure you set the balance of a relaxing and conducive office.

Home office design contemporary
Image: dandsfurniture.net

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