How to build indoor fish pond

Indoor Fish Pond Tips and Ideas

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There are many ways to bring nature to your home. One of them is by building fish ponds in certain corner of the house.

Many people claim that having the pond brings another joy for the family. They could spend hours standing near the pond and observe the fish swims here and there.

Learn the tips to make this happiness last for a long time.

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1. Build Twice Size

If there is any regret the pond builders have ever shared, it must be about the pond size. Their initial plan turns to be a lot smaller than expected.

Since many of them build the solid pond, there is no way they can rebuild the fish pond, unless they start from scratch. Thus, the first rule is to double the size of the pond in your blue print.

Another way to solve the size problem is by building the pond using rubber liner. If you ever heard that this tool takes a lot of efforts, it is not true.

The plastic material gives you flexibility for the depth and width. No matter how deep or wide you prepare the area, rubber liner could fit in.

Indoor fish pond ideas for koi with pot plants

2. Dig Deep Enough

In the beginning, you might say that you don’t want any fish inside the pond. Days later, you might change your mind.

This should not be a problem if you have provided the proper depth for the fish you are going to raise.

Any pond shallower than 24 inches doesn’t fit for any fish. In summer, the water will evaporate, and winter will turn it into an ice pond.

The ideal depth for raising goldfish is 36 inches at the minimum. Bigger fish like Koi certainly need deeper pond; 48 inches at the minimum.

If you are not planning to throw in any fish, then make it into 24 inches depth. This measurement ensures a nice pond in any season.

Indoor mini fish pond

3. Install Filtration System

Even for an empty pond, filtration is crucial. It prevents stagnant water by making waves. Otherwise, your pond would be the home of mosquito larvae. The filter is even more important when you have fish inside.

Make sure you install proper size of filtration system. The safest step is to purchase the biggest filter you can afford. It could ensure the healthy water flow and the habitats inside.

Indoor fish pond with fountain and waterfall

4. Build Level Shelves

A great pond is surrounded by natural plants. In order to get this impression, you need shelves for plants. In general, you have to make two levels.

The first level goes 24 inches deep in the pond. It is a perfect place to grow submerged plants and water lilies. The second level has to be 12 inches deep. It would be a fertile land for marginal plants.

While building the fish ponds, considering about the construction is not enough. You have to think about the beauty and the practicality. Double the size of your original pond size, as long as the area is available.

Dig the earth deep enough, so your fish could get enough oxygen supply. Also, don’t omit the filtration and plants around the pond. Enjoy!

Indoor fish pond waterfall

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