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Choosing Best Grill Design for Glass Windows

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The glass window has humble and elegant vibe at the same time. As a house frame, it could be one of the most fragile area.

At the same time, you have more options to decorate the plain material. One available choice is to install metallic grill.

It provides both protection from burglars and moderate aesthetic side.

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The Architectural Side

Each house has its own style. Your first job before stepping further in designing the grill is to consider the overall shape of the house. When the previous owner or you build the house, there must be certain picture in their mind.

Some examples call for contemporary and traditional style. No matter how big your love is for traditional decorations, you can’t just stick it to the contemporary house.

Family room traditional window grill design
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It would be too risky and tricky. In the end, you might get dull house view from the outside.

However, this kind of combination might be possible, only when you discuss the details with the experts. Be careful, so you are not ruining the whole project.

The Function of Window Grilles

Common window plays its role as the path for sun lights to enter the house. But then, glass also serves as a great sliding door, the doorway, or even an entrance door! Putting the function into consideration would help you to decide which grill to install; the ornamental or the plain one.

Take a look at the scenery outside the frame. When it doesn’t display great view to look at, cover the glass window with a grill that has complicated pattern.

Avoid using this decoration for dark space, particularly the area near the closet or pantry. A simple grill would be better, as these spots require more lights.

Window grill patterns and styles
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The Pattern of Window Grilles

The basic norm of designing the grill is matching bars and squares. The more complicated the pattern you draw, the more money you will spend. There are some common models that might inspire you.

1. Diamond

It is the combination of diagonal lines. The advantage of this pattern is its strong hold. However, it requires a lot of materials to build.

2. Concentric Circles

This style fits well for a contemporary house concept.

3. Simple Horizontal Bars

If you want something simple for the limited glass window area, this is the best bet. Don’t be surprised with its formal look.

4. Morroco Pattern

Unless you have calculated and prepared the space well, this design won’t just fit. It has tight curves and woven pattern.

5. Floral

Many people install the floral design in the living room. The guest could admire the intriguing design while waiting for the host. Make sure to avoid this pattern in limited-space living room; the space would seem even smaller.

It would be easy to leave the glass stands on its own, and give a layer of curtain as a cover. However, using grill as the connector of outdoor view and the rooms inside your house is mush better thought.

As long as the design of the grill suits the architectural shape, has the right color and style, and won’t suffocate the guests, you are good to go.

Outside Grill Window and other Different types window grill design and pattern

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