How to Shine Dull Cutlery

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In a dinner, the quality of the dishes is not only determined by the taste of culinary, but also the appearance of your cutlery.

The whole table of excellent dishes could fall into the lowest base when you set shabby or grubby spoon, knife and fork. When this happens, you can’t console it even with perfect jazz music.

To shine dull cutlery, you should to know what the materials of that tools. Here are tips for you. Check it out.

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How to Shine Dull Cutlery on the dining table

Stainless Steel Cutlery

Even though stainless steel rarely has stain, you might have observed that fingerprint is easily sticking to the surface. That is why you have to apply special tricks while preparing the cutlery before the dinner.

First, instead of using cold water, you have to rinse the cutlery in hot water after wiping them with commercial liquid cleaning.

Don’t be too lazy to remove the leftover food before cleaning. Remember that salt and acidic materials could damage the steel.

Second, using the non-abrasive cloth you have prepared before, hand dry the wet cutlery. This step is especially important to prevent any water spots.

Do the drying immediately. Seconds to minutes matters, as the drying mark might be formed.

Third, When the stain cannot be cleaned with washing liquid, try to apply natural cleaning compound. Some of the most popular products are vinegar, cider, lemon, soda water and olive oil.

Fourth, choosing vinegar or cider would save you more money, as both could be utilized as the polisher later after drying. To get a perfect polished cutlery, dip a cloth into the cider or diluted vinegar and apply circular motion.

Fifth, Soda water could make a great polisher, too. Rinse the items with soda water and dry at instance using non-abrasive cloth.

Running out of these solutions? Then grab lemon and squeeze it for the juice. Take soft dry cloth and pour several drops of lemon juice on it. Rub the cutlery with the cloth gently.

Stainless steel cutlery set

Silver Cutlery

Usually in gala dinner, the host will prefer to set his collection of silver cutlery instead of the stainless steel ones. Not only they give off royalty atmosphere, but also a sign of formal dinner.

Silver compound is more fragile thus it  requires extra protection. Make sure you do the proper ways.

First, the first rule is to object the use of dishwasher. It helps with some regular dirty plates, but certainly not for the silver materials. With this said, you have to hand-clean the cutlery.

Second, some guests might be considerate about the effect of leftover food to the silver cutlery. Any grime or remaining food could destroy the silver layers, thus it should be removed immediately.

Make sure you hunt the leftover food down to the tiniest particle by soaking them in warm soapy water.

Third, absorb the water after rinsing with non-abrasive cloth. For polishing purpose, you cannot apply natural compound. It is a must to use commercial silver polisher liquid or anti tarnish product.

Fourth, keep the silver cutlery inside cotton bag or wraps. This step would prevent any scratch and dust sticking on the surface.

Silver Cutlery Set

A perfect host knows that shining cutlery is as important as serving the delicious delicacies. Thus, cleaning is the most important part of preparation.

Apply special treatment for the stainless steels to bring back the shine. Put non-abrasive cloth within your hand reach, because you will need it immediately after you rinse the cutlery. Dishwasher is not your friend for this purpose!.


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