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Front Window Decor Ideas

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The front window, or entry windows as many people call it, is an important part of the front area.

It brings light into the entryway while it also provides views of the inside and outside.

Many times, these windows enrich the property with architectural character too.

Therefore, it is essential to choose the decor carefully. The following ideas are great to follow and duplicate.

Here is interior and exterior decoration ideas for front window. Check it out.

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1. Glass Grid

Instead of leaving the windows plain, it will be nice to modify it with grid setting for the glass. You don’t need to replace the window, just upgrade the center frames.

It signals that your house welcome your guests while it offers visual texture as well at the same time.

It also adds your architectural value with vibrant feeling, a more textured atmosphere than the plain windows. Try small grids or the medium ones for pleasant change and decor.

Glass grid for window decoration ideas

2. Window Shutter

The front windows need to give you a view while you also need privacy too sometimes. Shutter is the best solution while it gives character to your front windows and entry way. Depending on your house style, you should consider selecting the shutter design carefully.

For example, you can choose shutter without muntins that offer no-fuss look for a simple and modern house. This shutter will frame your front door while adding accent on the windows. Very smart.

Window Shutter as decoration ideas

3. Stained Glass

There are reasons why stained glass is a great decor. First, the style is updated until today. You’ll be able to find any style from Victorian to minimalist to match your house.

Second, it offers light to get in, giving your entry way a more welcoming and pleasant looking space.

Third, it also makes sure you have enough privacy by limiting the bland view from the outside.

Fourth, its vibrant look simply adds accent and character to your windows.

Stained Glass for front window and door decor ideas

4. Organic Materials

There is nothing more pleasant than the addition of organic things on your windows. Instead of adding any other decor, you should consider adding plants.

Small to medium plants will make a great compliment to any window style while it actually a fresh looking decor at the same time.

Window decor with hanging pot plant

You can add plants on both the inside and outside the window. Both will look great. If it is inside, it improves your entry way as well. If it is outside, it adds accent and it looks very welcoming on your front porch.

5. Bold Prints Curtain

Curtain is an ordinary idea, but choosing one with bold print is totally new. People like how it accentuates the window and the rest of the area while it makes sure you can control your privacy at the same time.

The bold colors also add vibrant and dynamic feeling, welcoming guests with pleasant atmosphere.

Bold print curtains for front window decoration

So, there are more than enough options when it comes to your front windows ideas. You should consider choosing one that actually compliments your windows beast features and accentuates the insecurities. Which one of those ideas above you like the most?

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