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How to Keep Rain Out of Screened In Porch Windows

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If you decide to apply screened-in porch in your house, you know you will have other additional things to do to keep it maintained.

There are many things that may break or at least scrape your screened-in windows. One of them is rain.

So here are some things you may try to keep rain out of your screened-in windows.

1. Installing Awnings

The first that you can try is installing awnings around the perimeter of the screened-in porch. It provides downward and sloped roofs extension which will supply a shield from rain for the screened porch.

The awnings are available in retractable or fixed design in many assorted fabric color options. Retractable awnings can be used as either manual or motorized device to open or close them.

Meanwhile, fixed awnings can be attached to your screened porch and it will remain in permanent open position. That is why retractable awnings tend to be more expensive than the fixed ones.

Nice idea Awning for screened in porch windows

2. Attaching Weather-Resistant Window Shades

The next thing you may try is attaching weather-resistant window shades around the exterior of the screened-in porch. This kind of shades is typically made of durable fabric which was designed to restrain any outdoor elements.

The good points of fabric are it resists mildew, rot and rain. While being installed outside, the outdoor shades are available in various colors, conveniently roll up when it is not used, quick to dry and of course easy to clean.

Secure the bottom of the shades of screened porch by snapping or attaching other covers.

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3. Installing Jalousie Windows

After that, you can also install jalousie windows around your screened-in porch perimeter. All glass louvers in the windows give you the possibility to adjust the amount of opened space between each louver easily.

Close them tightly when heavy rainstorms come, to keep out the pounding rain. Then jalousie windows also make you able in providing fresh air from ventilation while it is holding the outdoor view and resisting the raindrops from outside.

More than that, fading louvers detain a clear view and surely give you a bit of privacy while it keeps allowing natural light brighten your screened porch.

Jalousie screened in porch Windows

4. Adding Window Enclosure Systems

The last thing you probably want to try is adding any window enclosure systems. These are available in the interchangeable or self-storing style.

Constructed with glass and permanent screen stored within the enclosure, you can freely lower and raise the window pane over the screen whenever you like using the self-storing enclosure.

The interchangeable enclosure allows you to pop out the screens then replace them with glass windows or vice versa. The screens and windows are not in one place at the same time, either the screen or window glass requires storage space.

Keeping your screened-in porch windows maintain is the next job you must do when you have decided to build it in your house. It won’t be that complicated to be done if you follow those steps correctly.


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