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All About Screened in Porch under Deck

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Having porch under deck in your backyard is a good idea for an outdoor spot in a small space. You can use it for storage and even entertainment area as well.

Porch under deck is useful for many things and you can spend your time with your family there.

One of the ideas about under deck porch is having screen on it.

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I. Under Deck Screened in Porch

Having screen in the porch is a good option for those who want to have flexible outdoor space. It is commonly named as three season room in which the porch is closed off from the backyard.

By choosing screens instead of full walls, you can still feel the breeze of the weather while you get enough protection from bugs and rains.

By having screens for under deck porch, you can keep the best of having the outdoor and indoor worlds.

Wooden screened porch under existing deck

II. Screening for Porch under Deck Ideas

There are two choices of screen options depending on the budget and the flexibility that you want. Both of the options create different feeling in the porch.

1. Permanent screens

It is a very common choice of screened in porch under deck. It uses permanent screens as the walls which mean that the screen is built in the frame and cannot be removed easily.

This screen can be chosen if you have low budget because it is cheaper. Having permanent screen transforms your porch into a sunroom that is separated from the backyard itself.

2. Retractable screens

Retractable screen is more flexible than the permanent screen. It is suitable for room or open porch. This screen is installed with motor which wrenches the screens into the track that they do not use.

By using this screen, you are able to create a new spot. However, if you want to have extra protection you may pull down the screen. Meanwhile, if you want to have an outdoor party, you can pull it up again.

Retractable screens porch under deck

III. Screened in Porch Lighting

After having the screen for the porch, you need a lighting to make the right ambience for the porch. You can choose attached lighting or standing lighting, depending on your need. Here are some lighting options that you can choose for the screened porch.

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1. Rope Lights

It is a string light that is waterproof and UV resistant, so it already has its own lighting protection. Although it is stand-built design, it can be wrapped surrounding the railing.

2. Wall Sconces

It has variety styles of light fixtures that are suitable for any decoration. The wall sconces are not attached to the porch exterior wall.

Rope Lights and Wall Sconces at screened in porch under deck

IV. Screened in Porch Furnishings

You can put any furnishing to make your porch as a comfortable place to spend in. These are some ideas about the furniture in your screened under deck porch.

1. Seating

If you want to make your porch as a living room, seating is the most important aspect for the furniture. Wicker furniture is a good choice if you want to have traditional style of porch. Otherwise, having combination of chairs and cushions is the best.

2. Tables

Having some kind of tables is a good choice, especially if you want to make the porch as an entertaining spot. You may put coffee tables and extra surfaces.

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There are many ideas that you can apply to your screened porch under deck. Having screened porch under deck is good to have yourself a spot to spend time with your family. Therefore, creating your best screened porch is a must.


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