Screened in Porch Decorating Ideas

Simple and Cheap Screened in Porch Decorating Ideas

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There is no better and comfy place than a screened in porch. This comfy place should become the best place in the house and to do that it would be great to put some decorations on it.

So what decorations should be put in your screened in porch? Without further ado these are the best decoration:

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1. Plants

Do you know that green colors can give you a great calming sensation? That is why plants are one of the best decorations to be put in a screened porch; it gives calm and natural atmosphere to the room.

There are 2 kinds of plants for indoor decoration; real plants and artificial plants. If you are about to use real plants then you should be ready with the bugs that will come afterwards. But if you choose the artificial ones there is no oxygen made yet there will be no bugs entering your screened in porch.

2. Nook

Nook is known to be a really comfortable place near windows where people can relax. That’s why building a nook near the windows on your screened in porch will be a great idea. It doesn’t have to be big or wide, what you need to do is make it the way you feel it to be.

Imagine having your afternoon tea here while it is raining. It is so cozy, isn’t it? Also, add some colorful throw pillows to give your screened porch more colors and make it brighter.

Screened in Porch Decorating ideas with plant and nook

3. Typography

Do you know what typography is? Typography is the art of writings and it is a great decoration to be put in your screened in porch. It can be designed into various designs and it can be created into great wall or table decorations.

For example, you look for one on the internet and printed it. After printed, you can put it in a frame and hang it on your screened in porch wall or just put it on the table. Either way, it would give your screened in porch warming atmosphere!

4. Lanterns

If you think that lanterns should be put aside due to its old appearance, well you’d better not to do that. Despite its old appearance, lanterns give great decorative and rustic accent to your screened in porch.

That’s why you should hang it, put it on the table, or just put it on the floor. You can also make your own from Mason jars if you’d like to.

What you need to do is just make a hole on the lid and put the candle through it. Put these jar lanterns on the table or hang it. Either way it is great for your screened porch decoration.

Screened in Porch Decorating Ideas with typography and lanterns

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Porch is a great place indeed especially for us to relax, but screened in porch is much cozier because when it’s raining you can still enjoy your time there.

The decorations above surely will give great atmosphere to the room and they will make you stay a little longer in your screened in porch.

Porch decoration ideas gallery:

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