Aluminum Screened in Porch Panels

6 Designing Ideas for Screened in Porch Panels

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Screen panels can be transformed as three season room or even screened porch.

It can be used as the additional room or as a place for your family to have fun together.

Here are six ideas of designing the screened porch panels.


1. Install the screen directly on the frame to make a screened porch panels

  • You can choose either 1x3s or 1x4s as the frame. Cut it and then join it by using waterproof glue, spline, and end nails.
  • Stretching it over the wooden frame.
  • Fasten the frame on the screens by using staples. However, make sure that you keep the screen mesh in the right angles of the frame.
  • Covering the stapled edges with batten and secure it with galvanized nails.
  • Put moldings to the frame.

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By choosing this style, you can save your money because it is low cost and it can be installed easily. However, screening for larger opening is quite difficult. If you want to repair it, you have to replace the entire frame and put it all back together.

2. Inserted Screen

It is also called removable screen. You can choose various storm panels such as wood, acrylic, or acrylic knee walls. Choosing this kind of screen requires careful and good measurement so it is quite difficult to be put on.

However, it will be more convenient in the long time because you don’t need to remove everything when it needs to be repaired. If you want to use this design, it will be better if you ask the professional to do it.

Screened porch panels with glass

3. Installing the Screen Porch Windows

Sliding panel screen windows can be chosen as the screening for the porch. It can transform your porch into a three season room. Besides, it also fits for any opening just by using the existing framing.

You don’t have to use more screen during winter. Although it is quite expensive, it is easy to be maintained while it remains pleasing as well.

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4. No Framing

It uses Velcro strips as the screen holder. Some of the strips are available in clear plastic so that you can change the screen for plastic when it gets cooler. Frameless screen is easy to be installed and removed. In addition, it is also effective when it comes to budget and cost.

5. Screen Tight

It is designed to remove the old method of nails, staples, paint, and wooden lattice. Screen tight provides free maintenance with a method of spline screening which adapts to wooden porch. It can be done by yourself or professional workers. Screen tight is good for new construction or remodeling.

You can choose fiberglass screen because it works the best for screen tight. Meanwhile, you can also choose aluminum screen wire. Screen tight is durable and easy to install.

6. Framing for Screen Room

The screen is connected to the frame and it is easy to get replace. This is one of the easiest do it yourself projects for the screening. You can use the aluminum with construct frame and spline grooves for the framing. Choosing this design requires low budget.

Designing the screen for the porch panels doesn’t always require high cost. There are some ideas that only need low budget. Therefore, you can choose your best choice based on your need and budget.

Screened porch window panels

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